FIFA 20 : Career Mode Bringing Key Changes to the Game

Posted by freemexy on September 10th, 2019

Among the fifa 20 ultimate team coins new features coming to the game this fall will be changes in the Career Mode. This is where gamers get to play the role of general manager and guide clubs through failure and to success. EA recently revealed what the key changes will be for the mode. They’ll include a brand new option to use a female manager in the game, something never available before in a FIFA title.

On Wednesday, EA put out details to show gamers exactly what to expect for the FIFA 20 new features in Career Mode. They will include the following five key changes:

With customizable managers, not only can gamers create their manager’s body type, skin type, and hairstyles, there’s also the option. For this year’s game, gamers can also create female managers in the game. Clothing is another customizable option.

Reactive morale and performance is an interesting dynamic that shapes the direction of your success or failure. In the FIFA 20 new features for Career Mode, GMs can impact players in multiple ways. This is through the reactive morale and performance aspect of the mode. GMs can impact in ways that include having a one-on-one chat with a player, participating in a press conference, or changing the squad rotation.

As players perform well or not so well, their OVR stats will be updated. This is part of the new Dynamic Player Potential feature in Career Mode. Basically, how well players play affects their final OVR stat. Younger players are going to see improvement as the team gains experience.With the addition of career highlights to the FIFA 20 new features, gamers are going to see live news screenshots straight from matches. That’s a nice touch to help keep an eye on the team and players’ performances.

EA also boasted of the new dynamic user interface aka “Dynamic UI.” With this, the Career Mode will have authentic branding from popular leagues. They’ll include the Premier League, Bundesliga Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander, and MLS. Of course, there’s also UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Keep in mind, that the Juventus name is absent from this year’s title, with a fictional team called Piemonte Calcio in their place.

These FIFA 20 new features for Career Mode could make or break a game, but it feels like a step in the right direction. EA unveiled a full Pitch Notes covering the mode with much more depth for gamers to get a better idea ahead of the release date.want know more fut coins news Read More

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