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Posted by Neon Poodle on September 10th, 2019

Inert gas lights- neon lights, entered the life of the civilized world not so long ago, but over the past few decades, they have established themselves as reliable and powerful means of lighting. The main thing that comes to mind when mentioning these things is signs from neon light, which can now be seen in any city in any corner of the world.

Indeed, 80% of the total use of such lights is occupied by promoting and street design. And the reason behind this is the remarkable emission spectra – red, blue, orange and white-blue. Mysterious neon light in itself attracts attention, but lights can be made of any shape. So, make writings and designs from them. You can get Custom Neon Lights and customized them simply.

LED Neon Lights are the brightest new lighting installations, characterized by high efficiency and long service life. Therefore, today they are utilized in various fields of human activity, among which are lighting of buildings and interior lighting of rooms.

A neon light comprises of a bulb where the following processes take place: When moving, electrons collide with inert gas atoms, which are fillers in this area, and start to ionize them, pushing electrons from the upper area into the capacitance. Atoms, in turn, collide with electrons, again being neutral atoms. On account of this reverse transformation, a quantum of light energy are discharged. As you can see, the principle of operation of neon lights is not very complex.

At the point when turned on, such light does not heat much. The heating temperature reaches a maximum of 80 ° C. It is for this reason that neon tubes are also commonly called cold cathode lamps. Their scope is very broad, as they are recognized by sturdiness, efficiency, and functional flexibility. The main benefit of such lights is that they can have any shape.

Neon light bulbs can be found both in the interior and in outdoor advertising. They look particularly valuable in the office space at the reception, in conference rooms and other places. This is a relatively affordable way to maintain your corporate identity.

The neon lights utilized today in the interiors of the home look very natural and exceptionally presentable. You can utilize them to transform any room and make your unique letters in the style of decoration. It is an ideal solution for illuminating the ceiling area, aquarium, as well as any cabinet. In addition to lighting the room itself, you can also highlight items of furniture. It will give any room an exceptional expression. You can make it so that when you open the office, the light mounted with the help of neon will automatically turn on in it.

The neon led lights can likewise be useful in the kitchen area – if it is noticeably dark when washing dishes or cooking meal. As you can see, the extent of such universal lighting devices is quite extensive. It is due to their benefits, among which it is worth noting the high quality and excellent luminous flux.

So, use LED Neon Lights to improve your home or office space.

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