Why you will need video subtitle translator?

Posted by John Smith on September 10th, 2019

Nowadays, online videos are very popular and for this reason, there are many interested in knowing how to subtitle them. In a professional field, we strongly recommend the hiring of a professional video subtitle translator, who is in charge of bringing the languages ​​that the public may not understand to the houses and cinemas.

Therefore, series, films, among other audiovisual materials, are accompanied by subtitles: the professional translate video to English subtitles translates the original text making sense in the target language, which should not be translated word for word. However, knowing the subtitling tools is a good trick to learn a language as things are best learned: practicing.

What are subtitles?

Subtitles are texts that appear at the bottom or top of the videos, to facilitate the understanding of the original text to people who do not know the original language or cannot hear it.

Subtitling is not a simple process as it may seem since factors such as the amount of information, linked to the reading speed, the plane changes, the characters that appear on the screen must be taken into account and much more. So here professional translate subtitles to English can help you. 

YouTube allows users to add free captions to videos that are already on the website. However, you can only add subtitles if you have a YouTube account and if you have uploaded the video. 

YouTube offers automatic subtitles through voice recognition, but keep in mind that if the volume is not high or there is too much background noise, it will not be possible to capture the voice and the subtitles will not be produced.

Why subtitles are used?

Including subtitles in videos and television shows creates more opportunities to connect and share information with the public.

Subtitles help the public that is in the process of learning their mother tongue or a second language. They are also useful in situations where there is a lot of noise and it is desired that the public present access to certain information. 

Closed Captioning which is also known as hidden subtitling, helps in all these cases, and especially people with a hearing impairment, who can thus enjoy a program by relating the action on the screen with the dialogue.

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