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Posted by Anand on September 11th, 2019

Textbooks solutions for some subjects can be beneficial for the students. Subjects that are only theoretical can sometimes be hard for the students to understand and develop a deeper understanding. The chapters and topics can be lengthy and time-consuming and the students might not have enough time to work on the different questions present in the textbook. The solutions to these questions can make it easier for the students to study and understand the subject in the best possible way. Having access to a good and reliable source for the solutions is very important as the solutions on most of the topics can be vague or just a summary of the topic it is from. The solutions are important for exams as well. Most of the textbook questions appear in the examinations and not having the solutions to them can pressurize the students in the examination. The solutions ensure overall preparations for the exams making students gain confidence about the subject as well as the exams. The solutions for 12th Geography NCERT on the Extramarks app can be very helpful for the students in order to study and have good knowledge and the various different topics. Geography is a subject that deals with the extensive theory and this nature of the subject make it difficult for the students to learn and understand the subject entirely. Extramarks-the learning app not only helps the students in figuring out the solutions to textbook questions but also gives them access to interactive study material. The various learning tools on the Extramarks app help students become better learners and complement their learning. The app is filled with a plethora of learning tools to choose from. The audiovisual lessons are one of the key features of the app. The video lectures on the app are delivered and recorded by expert teachers with the help of skilled graphic designers and videographers. The students can also put their knowledge to test by taking the various tests available on the app. The app has a number of practice papers, sample papers, and solved papers that can help students become better learners. The Extramarks company through the medium of its various apps tries to cater to all the academic needs of the students. The interactive learning solutions make students self-reliant learners and make them rely less on the teachers and the textbooks for learning. Download the Extramrks app now.

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