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Posted by Nishant on September 11th, 2019

JBM Global School- nurturing tomorrow’s future


Today, with the world being so competitive and fast, it is essential for the parents to make sure that their child gets the best option available. That too not just academically but also in other spheres such as sports, co-scholastic, extra-circular, etc. One school in Nodia, which provides its students to grow into smart and critical individual who know how to differentiate between the good and bad, is JBM Global School in Noida. 



JBM is affiliated with the globally accepted CBSE system and Cambridge International Examinations, offering its students with a world-class Cambridge Primary program. Alongside it provides its students with digital classes and peer education. Lastly, JBM focuses on delivering a class-specific training, which focuses on enhancing the skills necessary and integral for a specific age.



Integrated Skill-Based Program

Transforming Classrooms to an Ignite Learning platform is a specialty of JBM when compared to other schools in Noida. Facilitated by highly competent and committed educators, it is a way to incorporate existing curriculum in the regular ones that too with no extra cost. Some of them include:







Creative arts

Musical instruments, choral arrangements, and others are used to enhance the educational experience along with the social and emotional growth of students.

Theatre and dance are used to boost imagination, self-expression, and sense of aesthetics in a student.


Community Service

JBM believes in protecting and giving back to the environment which it imbibes in its students through an annual event called GREENOFEST. Alongside it also has programs like ‘Each one teaches two,’ ‘Visiting old age homes’ and for environment Rain Water Harvesting, Compost Pit and Auditing Class Garbage.



JBM provides significant sports activities which ultimately aims at building a friendly environment for students, wherein they learn skills like teamwork and taking everyone along.


JBM Global School, Noida provides its students with the best infrastructure wherein they have laboratories, libraries, digital classrooms, sports complex, and auditorium. Lastly, SECURITY AND SAFETY is and will always be a priority for JBM. To keep up with that JBM has an option for regular counseling to have an open and transparent conversation with students, visitor’s verification, verification of the staff, restriction on entry, supervision and monitoring, bus security systems, and safety and Healthcare.



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