4 Key Benefits of a Chatbot integration in a Business Website

Posted by jthomson on September 11th, 2019

It will be wrong to state that chatbots are the latest buzz in the market. The introduction of chatbots was done back in 2016 when a huge number of assorted chatbots were designed and developed for the Facebook Messenger platform. However, at that point in time, only a few marketers showed interest and have applied this strategy in their business.

Today, hardly a few websites are found without the integration of chatbots. The reason is the visible exponential growth of the businesses using chatbots. The AI-based software that is purposely designed to simulate the conversation between the user and the bot has now become an integral part of a website. Its enticing benefits have compelled many businesses to hire offshore website development companies to install such bots in their websites.

This article deals with those tons of benefits that a Chatbot offers when integrated into a business website.

4 Key Roles that a Chatbot plays

1. Instant response: A 10 seconds delay in response enhance the bounce rate to a great extent. No user loves to wait for a single response, not even a minute. Rather they prefer to look for another alternative to serve their purpose. Hence the integration of chatbots in a business website.

It is not possible for a human to respond to the customers’ queries 24*7. As a consequence, the negative attitude of the users gets reflected on the business graph. However, with the integration of chatbots these things can be sorted out completely.

Chatbots are designed in such a way that they can respond to any query immediately. They act as a helpdesk for the visitors landing on the website and have the potential to solve their queries in no time. For such an instant response, these bots are the buzz for every marketer.   

2. Make the website customer-friendly: The more a marketer interacts with a customer, the more the customer finds the business reliable and entertaining. This stimulates the business growth eventually by turning the targeted visitors into potential customers.

With the insertion of chatbots that are equipped with NLP (Natural Language Processing), it becomes easier for the user to connect with the business and describe their queries or share their experience. Even if the customer is using natural language, the chatbot is intelligent enough to catch the words, decode them in its own language, and deliver the answers that the customer is looking for.

The best thing is that all the process is done within a second. It doesn’t take even a minute to solve the query of the customer. Such an intuitive response is highly appreciated by the users, leaving no chance of enhancing the bounce rate.

3. Elevates user engagement: Another reason why marketers are paying more attention to chatbots and looking forward to hiring offshore website development agency is the high user engagement.

Improving the UX of the website is the primary target for every business because - the better the user experience (UX), the better the business growth. With right user experience more viewers prefer to avail the services or products, automatically reducing the bounce rate to a great extent. This particular purpose is solved by chatbots.

Chatbots acts as the business’s right hand, turning more visitors to potential customers. It improves user engagement and makes the business sales graph even better than before. 

4. It even acts as a survey: Chatbot can even perform a survey. It has a sharp memory to store what the users are demanding. It collects the experience of the users regarding the product or service that they have availed and helps the business to improve their functionality accordingly.

Marketers often find this “survey” subject very tedious and time-consuming. But chatbots can do this in zero time. Just by having a conversation with the viewers and reading their mind, the chatbots can perform their job accurately.

Summing up

Chatbots thus contribute a lot to the success of every business. From connecting to a large audience to turning them into potential customers, they are responsible for everything. Therefore, ignoring their performance will never be a good idea.

These AI-based chatbots can be classified into several categories based on their usage. For example, conversational e-commerce chat, health bots, analytic chatbots, news, games, shopping, consultancy, marketing, education and many more.

Hence it is important to decide the feature first before installing it on a website.

The best way to develop such a featured website is by hiring an offshore website development team. They not just excel in their job but even ensures to deliver their work on time and at a pocket-friendly rate.   

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