Comfortable Ergonomic Office Chair For Prolonged Sitting In Office

Posted by Shweta Arora on September 11th, 2019

If you have an office job, you probably unconsciously sit in the same position almost the whole time you are working. This exerts uneven pressure on your spine, which may cause you to experience pain in your back, shoulders, and neck at the end of every workday. Using an ergonomic office chair can help you avoid this problem. The difference between an ergonomic chair and a typical chair is that an ergonomic one is engineered to take pressure off the primary parts of your body that are prone to stress while you are at work.

An ergonomic chair with a great design can help solve the problem of the lack of physical harmony between people and technology. A high-quality one will be responsive and perfectly balanced the moment you sit down; in fact, you might feel like you are floating. It is supposed to distribute your weight evenly while supporting your body’s micro-movements. A narrow backrest that automatically adjusts to support a full range of seated postures would allow you to move freely and naturally. With reduced seated pressure and more freedom of body movement, your blood and oxygen will flow better, which will keep you more focused on your work.

Choose an ergonomic chair that has a tilt technology that provides three zones of support—for your thighs, sacrum/sitting bones, and thorax. This will keep your pelvis stable with no rearward rotation, and would prevent uncomfortable pressure on your legs and arms. The tilt technology will also maintain your back in a fixed position relative to the seat, which will encourage your body to move naturally into the most positive seated postures. Pick a chair that encourages a working recline posture that reduces spine compression. A really ergonomic chair should have adjustments that position the backrest in line with your spine’s natural curve. By being adjustable, it is able to adapt to a wide range of sizes, shapes, postures, and spinal curves of various people.

Interested in buying an ergonomic chair? Purchase yours from a high-end furniture store that distributes some of the most exquisite furniture in India. The best shops offer timeless products from top-quality brands. Choose a shop that can provide good customer service, warranty for your purchase, and safe and fast delivery.

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