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In today’s age, we send our birthday greetings online and same is the case with most other wishes. Even for gifts, you can simply choose a gift online and have it delivered to the other person. Things have become easier this way but the personalization is slowly getting lost in the process. By packaging your own gifts or getting them packaged, you could add a personalized touch to the package. Nowadays, a lot of people do not even bother to do all these things.

However, there is still paper packaging trend among people who like to wrap gifts and make them look interesting. There is a lot that you can do with this packaging, whether you are using it for personal use or for business. In personal use, you can make your own addition or customizations. In case of business, you can offer different options to your customers so that they can personalize the packages that they send out.

Printed Paper Boxes

These days, printing is quite advanced. You can get anything from embossing to raised printing done at a cheap price. There are 3D printers around and they offer plenty of printing options for users. Printing can easily be done on almost any material from cardboard to simple paper. However, it is easier to print things on paper packaging since the material is very light and easy to work with. There are many reasons why you should opt for printed packing.



If you want to send out custom paper boxes for your event or business, you can customize it with printing. Online companies offer you a lot of options that you can choose for printing. You should not have the same layout as all the other businesses out there. So, you can make your company stand out by getting the boxes customized through printed. Raised printed looks quite classy as it gives a luxurious feel to the box. You can also have your company’s name embossed on the packaging.


This is an important factor in today’s time. There are so many businesses operating out there. How do you make your business stand out? How do you make an impression on the customer so that they do not forget getting a package from your business? For this, you can use printing as an ally. If you do not want to go overboard with printing, you can just get the company’s name printed on the box.

  • For this, make sure that you choose a good font.
  • The font should be in accordance with your company’s theme.
  • For example, if you have a formal company, then the font should be formal too.
  • If your company is informal like a kids gifting service or Toy Company, you can get fonts like Comic Sans.

Secondly, make sure that the whole box is not filled with printed words. This could overwhelm the customer and you do not want to be extra with your own promotion. Just make your customization good enough for the customer to remember your company and its name. Custom printed paper boxes have been used by a lot of online companies to make their mark in the market.

Wholesale Paper Boxes

As a huge business, you will need a lot of paper packaging. So, the wise choice is to buy in wholesale. By buying retail, you will be wasting a lot of money that could be going for some other important task at hand. There are many boxing companies online that sell customize paper boxes. So, you do not have to even go with the default design since you can customize your own. This gives you a lot of room to experiment with your company’s branding and style.


Why Use Paper Boxes?

There are so many options available. Why should you go for paper boxes? There are many reason for this. Paper boxes have been around for a very long time and they are still as popular as they were a decade ago. Even though new materials have been introduced in the market for packaging, paper boxes still remain the most popular and sought-out option.


Paper boxes are easy to recycle. When you get paper boxes Australia, you can easily recycle them after use. If you do not want to use them at home, you can just put them in the recycle bin and they will be used again. On the other hand, there are many other materials like plastic boxes that cannot be recycled. People are very aware of the environmental hazards these days so they prefer to go for recyclable options.

Easy to Work With

We have already mentioned that it is easy to print things on paper boxes. It is the same with other options too. Whether you want to get foiling done or anything additional to the packaging, it is best done on paper box. It is easier to work with paper since it is not the hardest material out there.

More Options

Even though there are more packaging options available these days, they are exclusive to some companies. This is because these methods are expensive so a lot of companies do not offer them. However, you can find paper packaging even in your local vicinity. If you search for paper boxes Melbourne or paper boxes Sydney, you will find tones of options.

Therefore, it is quite evident that paper boxes are a great way to go. Not only are they good for the environment, they are also a cheaper choice for you and an easier option to avail. So, you should opt for paper boxes if you want to save money and have environment-friendly packaging options.

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