A Death Every Hour - Cardiac Ailments Sucking The Life Out of Odisha

Posted by Indiafirst ePaper on September 11th, 2019

The Current Odisha News isn’t extremely satisfying to the core. The report titled Medically Certified Cause of Death (MCCD) by the Registrar General of India (RGI) states that there have been around 8546 deaths annually just in the state of Odisha.

The reasons behind the same can be attributed to:

  • Hypertension-led Cardiac Arrest

  • Ischemic Heart Diseases

  • Coronary Artery Diseases

  • Myocardial Infarction (Commonly known as Heart Attack)

Bhubaneswar is touted to be the Sports Capital of India. In such circumstances, the News in Odisha about this very thing isn’t very heartening, pun unintended. 

The case of cardiac ailments is extremely critical in 10 districts of the 30 in the state of Odisha namely:

  • Mayurbhanj (Worst Results of the Lot)

  • Balangir

  • Nayagarh

  • Jagatsinghpur

  • Kendrapada

  • Jajpur

  • Kalahandi

  • Dhenkanal

  • Puri

  • Sonepur

This particular trend is extremely disturbing, to say the least. The case of cardiac issues is not only limited to one type of lifestyle, i.e., urban or rural. The game of health and happiness isn’t looking really great after all, especially considering the fact that people from rural areas are touted to be much fitter and healthier than their urban counterparts.

People from urban settlements are generally criticized for having really dull lifestyles. The eating habits are not really great. As far as physical exercise is concerned, it is not in great shape either. Lack of sleep and heavy intake of junk food are just a few reasons for this unfortunate situation.

When it comes to rural neighbourhoods, things are a bit more simple. Physical exercise is not at all a question here as everyone has their fair share of physical movements. However, the eating lifestyle is not so healthy.

Junk food may not be in the higher percentages, however, the diet contains massive amounts of salt. Such high levels of Sodium, i.e., salt, is catastrophic to the cardiac health of anyone. People should understand the same and authorities should awareness based on this very fact.

Hopefully, in the coming days, we will have less number of casualties based on cardiac ailments.

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