The story of Pandoro ? how it all began ?

Posted by adairsawyer on November 13th, 2011

Italian Christmas is incomplete without its traditional and typical sweets, one of the most popular of them being the pandoro ! Pandoro, with its unique shape, feel and taste, well and truly represents the spirit of Italian Christmas. So if you are looking forward to an Italian themed Christmas , one thing that you cannot do without is the Pandoro. If you are not too familiar with the special Italian Christmas treat, it is certainly very interesting to dig a bit deeper into its rich historical roots. 

Pandoro is often regarded as a product of the ancient art of bread-making. As history suggests that this typical sweet bread was consumed only by the rich and affluent people all along the middle ages while the ordinary people thrived on the black breads. These traditional breads enriched with eggs, butter, sugar or honey used to be served only in the palaces and were often referred to as “royal bread” or “golden bread”-hence the  name Pan d'oro ("golden bread") !

Historical evidences also suggest the consumption of pandoro ( typically described as bread made from flour, egg, butter) across Turin and Rome. Extreme care was taken in the preparation of this royal bread where only the finest quality ingredients were used in its making by the expert bakers.

However, the first references of pandoro as a sweet dish dates back to the eighteenth century when it was popular among the Venetian aristocracy. The aptness of the emergence of pandoro in the Venetian culture, is supported by the fact that Venice in those times was considered as the hub of the finest spices and sugar, an integral component of the pandoro.

After a century of perseverance and continual improvements, the recipe for the pandoro that we see and love these days was perfected in Verona in Oct 30 , 1894 when Domenico Melegatti applied and obtained a patent for the industrial production of pandoro.

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