False Ceilings for Your Living Room

Posted by Cube Decors on September 12th, 2019

People prefer false ceilings for giving additional dimensions to the plain wall and ceilings. It transforms the way the ceiling appears and makes the room look even more beautiful. The living room is where your family and guests gather. Therefore, it is important to design it in a way that it radiates a comfortable and soothing vibe. The style of the living room should go well with the ceiling design.

Many interior designers offer quality false ceiling services in Bangalore. Cube Decors has top interior architects who deliver unique false ceiling designing solutions. They communicate with you about your choices and bring to life your dream home. Their choice of products to beautify is of top quality, giving your home a sleek and comfortable look. However, it would be a good idea for you to familiarise about the latest trends and styles of false ceilings so that you will know what to talk to the interior designers.

What’s trending?

  • Ceilings in light neutral hues are perfect for living rooms making them seem lighter and spacious
  • Glossy and varnish surfaces scatter light and create a 3D effect
  • For rooms with low height, edge-mounted led strips are an ideal choice
  • Frosted ceilings go well with glossy walls


For a small living room:

Multilevel and two-level suspended ceilings should be avoided. Plasterboard and gypsum ceiling structures will further give a smaller appearance. One level ceiling painted monotonously will work.


For a large living room:

Multilevel ceilings made of plasterboard and gypsum integrated with arbitrary shapes are a perfect choice. The popular colours are white, grey, blue and beige.


Ceiling lighting options:

A room can appear large and cold or small and dark or warm and fuzzy depending on the lighting choices and lighting positioning. Fixing a light at the centre of the ceiling is a classic option and gives an instant cosy feel to the room. However, you need to check if the false ceiling will bear the weight of the lighting fixture. Gypsum boards with cases that have built-in illumination are also a great option.

  • Ceiling spotlights: They are simple to install and the bulbs can be easily replaced. They are secure and don’t heat the ceiling. There are rotary models where the direction of light can be altered.
  • LED Strip light: Choosing unusual colours and adding light-dynamic effects like changing colours and waves gives a quirky atmosphere.

Stretch ceilings come with many variations and different canvases. They work well for low ceiling rooms and high ceiling rooms due to its glossy nature. It is compatible with many styles making it a popular choice.

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