How to Resolve Panick Attacks During Public Speaking

Posted by Fatima on September 12th, 2019

Fear of public speaking, also known as Glossophobia, is a common condition known to affect close to 75% of the population around the globe. Due to this problem, most people suffering from this condition try to avoid public speaking situations as much as possible. They resort to a variety of treatment options such as Hypnotherapy training in Dubai, Hypnotherapy course in Dubai, Reiki healing near me, etc. to find a long-term solution to this condition. 

Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking is almost always present in people suffering from the social anxiety disorder.  Statistically, the fear of public speaking is sometimes greater than the fear of death for many people. Though there are no clear-cut patterns or causes known to trigger Glossophobia, it is said to arise from the combination of a variety of factors that are genetic, psychological, biological, and environmental in nature. To know more about how to resolve panic attacks, it is necessary to know about the characteristics and various treatment options available- 

What are the characteristics of Glossophobia? 

While some people may experience mild nervousness and anxiety at the thought of public speaking, others may experience a full-blown panic attack characterized by shaking of hands, dryness of mouth, quaking of voice, hollowness of stomach, increased heartrate and weakness in knees. The speaker may also experience increased perspiration and blood pressure increase. 

Is Glossophobia curable? 

With persistence, proper care, and right treatment, it is possible to resolve panic attacks that occur during public speaking. Many people offer to engage in Hypnotherapy training in Dubai in order to overcome their panic attacks emerging from the fear of public speaking while others try options such as searching for Reiki healing near me to combat this problem. Taking help of various anxiety management techniques also shows positive results when it comes to tackling the problem of panic attacks during public speaking. 

How can Glossophobia be treated? 

There are various ways in which you can overcome the fear of public speaking. Hypnotherapy course in Dubai is one of the tried and tested methods of treating Glossophobia and gaining the confidence of speaking in public. Hypnotherapy calms your mind and slowly treats the anxiety associated with public speaking through a series of convincing positive affirmations. Patients can also practice self-hypnosis after the Hypnotherapy training in Dubai just prior to the public speaking session which will help them to get into the right headspace. Other medical treatment options include programs such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, and anti-anxiety medications. 

How to resolve panic attacks during public speaking without resorting to therapy or medication? 

Here are some tips to overcome the public speaking panic attack without resorting to treatments such as Hypnotherapy training in Dubai- 

  • Deep breathing exercises 
  • Reaching the venue in advance to give yourself sufficient time to get acquainted with the surroundings and prepare yourself for the speech. 
  • When panic and negativity threatens to overpower your senses, consciously start thinking about something that relaxes you. 
  • Keep repeating to yourself positive and motivational lines that will give you confidence 
  • Instead of hiding from the audience, try to engage and interact with them

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