5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes in Web Design

Posted by AdWeb Studio on September 12th, 2019

Having a poor site and website design causes businesses to lose customers and trust. It is more common than the majority of small or substantial businesses to make their design to save money. Web design is not all about visuals but contains some set of rules that help to attract potential customers. It is very necessary for your website design to be functional and responsive. Web Designer Dubai agency prefers to consider adding enjoyable, navigable, interesting and usable factors in design. 

When you do not take the assistance of an expert in your design strategy, that leads your businesses to lose customers, and that is money out the door. Following are the simple design mistakes that can overthrow your business and purpose.

An overcrowded web Design

You don't need to cram too much above the folds. Remember that your content and every visual illustration should look precise and concise. Websites with tons of images, text, and other things going on takes a while to load, and that's a negative point. Portray pertinent business information that is useful for your end-user. An overcrowded and busy looking design is less likely to catch the attention of visitors.

Avoid Too Small Fonts 

May be using small fonts enable the visitors to read more about your business on the page because there is less space to cover the information. You wanted to inform me more in a small area. It is an incorrect practice because the total attention span is 8 seconds. If the users didn't find any ting or found it difficult to scroll through the website, they will leave immediately. So make sure to use appropriate fonts, with relevant information in the content. Use more engaging content which provides the solution to the searcher's issues.

Be careful with Minimalistic approach in web design

Just like too much content on the page, the website with no or too much little content in the design is also terrifying. Always consult an expert web design company that specializes in the minimalistic approach in web design. Your Web design should consult visitors' questions about your company and services.

Too much Confusing Design 

Every slider or moving slider on your site, the content, and images with the color theme elaborates on your brand. When you use inappropriate colors, and useless moving sliders, it ultimately, confuses the visitors. A variety of typefaces, images, color palettes, and themes, none of which relate to each other will ruin your conversion rate. Stop adding the web design trends that everyone else is adding to their design. Keep in mind your brand idea and image. 

Poor Use of Content, Whitespace, and low contrast fonts

As already mentioned use of fonts, layouts, and content is a crucial part of your web design. It elaborates and delivers your brand message to the visitors. Typeface conveys your brand image. It contributes more than the actual words you write. Make good use of fonts and white spaces. Colour contrast in your font and layout matter a lot. Keep the font contrast high to the background. Pay constant attention to the white spaces to make a huge block of text less intimidating. Use visual elements to represent concepts where possible instead of placing too much text.


Poor navigation kills your website. Any website which has poor aspects of design elements and users don't find navigation options is a burden. 

Users will quit that website which does not provide proper navigation options and menu, bothers them always.

Bad Choice of Colours for CTA

CTAs are very important in your design to draw the attention of the visitors to the right information or urge them to perform actions. You need an immeasurable accent color to draw attention to key calls to action. Your CTA must tell visitors what they need to do. Make sure your CTA is concise and helps the user accurately. Make sure you use a button color that will draw people’s attention. Your CTA color should be bright, complementary with the other colors, and stands out with other background colors.

In the end, keep in mind that you don’t make common design principle violations. Place the things where they should be. Dubai Web Designer prefers to follow the common principles that a user is used to. Consider the usability and responsiveness of the design. 

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