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Posted by John Smith on September 12th, 2019

Cyberbullying has become one of the most dangerous forms of harassment, because not only does the network offer impunity to the stalker, but it allows it to go on for long periods without the victim deciding to ask for help.

Also, the proliferation of the use of different electronic devices, especially among young people, makes it possible for social networks to become the point of convergence of all possible forms of harassment, including the most dangerous, such as harassment sexual to minors.

The use of all the possibilities offered by the internet, including that of anonymity, means that cyberbullying can occur practically in all areas of the victim's life and more frequently: education (college, institute, and university), work, social activity or relationships.

And the fundamental problem is that, in general, since the identity of the stalker is not known, the simple denunciation before the police in most cases is not enough to open an investigation to identify it and take it to court.

Children are the most vulnerable victims of cyberbullying, so it is essential that they are educated about the risks of social networks and their use, in addition to controlling their activity in them.

In general, victims of cyberbullying suffer the same problems as those of real-life harassment, but aggravated by the lack of witnesses and the anonymity of the stalker, often completely oblivious to their life circle. If you are one of the victims of cyberbullying, we advise consulting bullying expert.

Some direct consequences of electronic harassment in any of its aspects are:

- Stress
- Anxiety
- Terror
- Depression
- Impotence
- Even suicide

The profile of the cybercaster is that of a cold person, with little or no respect for others. He is a predator who can wait patiently connected to the network, participate in chats or forums until he makes contact with someone he decides to become his victim - frequently women, children or adolescents and enjoy chasing her and demonstrating his power over her.

The main problem is that many times he is not a person close to the victim, he does not even know her so his motivations for harassment are closer to pathological aspects of his personality and criminal behavior.

In this sense, cyberbullying is an ideal medium for psychopaths, narcissists, etc., whose motivation for harassment revolves around sex, love obsession, hatred, envy, revenge, the inability to accept rejection or simply the pleasure of submitting your victim. It is highly advisable to get in touch with the best cyberbullying expert for prevention.

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