What Belongs in a Thorough Office Cleaning Checklist?

Posted by Terry Ramsay on September 12th, 2019

Clean workplaces make for happy co-workers and clients who have a favorable impression of your company. Making sure you and your janitorial contractor agree on a daily checklist is crucial. If you're in a high competition location such as New York City, you need the most effective office cleaning NYC has available. It's a wise move to contract with experts like SanMar Building Services. They're happy to discuss a checklist and recommend these items — daily office cleaning, including trash disposal. Vacuuming carpets, mopping floors and sweeping away dirt and wiping down high-traffic interior elements such as doors and reception area counters. Dusting desktops, conference rooms, and work stations. Sanitizing and disinfecting restrooms, including fixtures, dispensers, countertops, partitions, floors, and doors. Also, replenishing restroom hand soap, tissue, and paper towels. it can be a relief to know you have a trusted contractor handling those cleaning tasks – clean offices make a very strongly favorable impression on clients and guests. Excellent cleaning services work hard to support their clients and help them make good first impressions.

Outstanding janitorial service contractors like SanMar provide one-of-a-kind office cleaning that is unlike any other. It means visiting clients frequently, talking with them continuously to make sure all needs, and doing a thorough job every day. It's that sort of collaborative approach that sets apart the companies that take the best care of their clients. Any specialized needs belong on your checklist as well. For example, if you have marble or stone floors that need special attention or wood-paneled walls in need of expert polishing, they should be included. If you're contracting for whole-building service, the main floor lobbies and elevators will receive extra service daily. If you have a showroom on your premises, meeting tables will be polished, the room tidied up, and any displays routinely dusted. When you move into a remodeled space, post-construction clean-up is essential. Dust will be everyone, and even though things are brand new, many will need to be wiped down and polished. Renovations and modern furniture are expensive, so it's always worth it to have a professional cleaning service make a full sweep through your office before you move in. Reception areas often also have unique décor elements and one-of-a-kind furniture that needs to be maintained.

Does your office have a lunchroom? More and more companies provide eating areas, some with food service, requiring special cleaning. Many better contractors provide kitchen cleaning if you're preparing and serving food. If not, all work will be concentrated on the eating areas keeping them clean, pleasant, and healthy. Pantries with beverages and refrigerators also distributed throughout your office space also require daily attention. Any spot where food is present has the potential to draw unwanted insects or rodents if not adequately maintained. Useful office cleaning checklists take into account these areas as well. Moving away from zone cleaning toward team cleaning also improved results and efficiency. In zone cleaning, offices were divided up, and one person cleaned a section. Now cleaning crew is assigned to functions and handle those tasks throughout the space. For example, one team might do floors while another cleans all of the restrooms. The improvements in efficiency and results are significant in the team-cleaning format. Most of the best janitorial service contractors now follow a team approach, and you'll notice the improvement right away.

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