The New Efficient Way to Clean Large Office Spaces

Posted by Terry Ramsay on September 12th, 2019

Zone cleaning vs. team cleaning. At first, neither of these might sound like ideas of great importance. But if you're in charge of the cleaning service for a large office, read on. Team cleaning is improving efficiency and results – and catching on fast in large markets like New York City. Especially for large buildings, NYC office cleaning is being transformed by the team method. Leading contractors such as SanMar Building Services offer it to their corporate and whole-building clients. Team cleaning means certain people are responsible for a specific task throughout the entire space. For example, one group might be responsible for floor care, while another empties trash and cleans restrooms. It is very different from zone cleaning where individual people were assigned to specific areas for all types of cleaning. The zone method requires starting up and stopping each function within a space. It's a method that is more time consuming and less efficient. Innovations like team cleaning make contractors like SanMar ahead of the curve both in terms of results and efficiency. When a large office or entire building is being cleaned, better and newer methods make all the difference in improving outcomes. If you're in facilities management, you need to request team cleaning.

Commercial janitorial services contractors vary in their approach to adopting better methods, and that's why it's essential to compare among the many options. If you're working with a tight budget or need a significant upgrade to your office cleaning service, efficiency gains might make all the difference. The results are crucial as well because there is no doubt that clean office creates a better impression on clients and often boost employee morale. Health considerations also are part of the picture when you consider the beneficial impact of dust elimination for allergy and asthma sufferers. Sanitary and disinfected restrooms also contribute to the comfort and well being of all. Also, if your company uses employee satisfaction surveying as a strategic management tool, cleaner restrooms can be high on the list of people's lists of requests. Beyond the all-important cleaning methods, other critical factors include flexible scheduling. You need an office cleaning service that can be on-site when your people have finished for the day. If you work late or irregular hours, knowing that you can adjust cleaning schedules to suit your needs takes one more challenge off your list. Better contractors can work late or even overnights if requested to meet your needs.

When you have a team-cleaned office, you can look forward to better results and efficient working on the part of your contractor. It also may open up more time for deep cleanings or special requests that can be within your budget. If your office has custom architectural elements, marble or stone floors, wood-paneled walls, or other unique areas, your janitorial team needs to clean and maintain them. Going along with these better practices are additional steps to improve efficiency.Modern implements such as flat mops in place of old-fashioned string mops make a favorable difference as do advanced microfiber cloths that have act like dust magnets pulling dirt into their fibers and removing it from surfaces all around the office. The cleaning contributions of HEPA filtration vacuuming equipment also should not be ignored because of the superior dust-removing capabilities. Especially if your workplace has dark or black surfaces, dust removal daily is a key to visible cleanliness. White surfaces on the other end of the spectrum require effective wiping and polishing to keep them shiny and looking like new.

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