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Posted by apoorv raven on September 12th, 2019

England has many famous monuments and historical places to visit, one of them is the Unique Stonehenge, it is one of the most visited places in the whole of England. So, here is some information regarding the Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is a  prehistoric iconic monument located at the city of Wiltshire in southern England. Where is Stonehenge and how to reach there?? 

This is the question which usually comes to the mind of people when considering traveling there from London.

One of the most popular tourist sites, Stonehenge is located at some ninety miles away from central London and it usually takes 2 hours to reach there by a tour bus or public transport.

The nearest town to Stonehenge is Amesbury which is the nearest public bus stop and the nearest rail connection is about 9.5 miles away at the town Salisbury.

About 5000 years old prehistoric site Stonehenge is an arrangement of sarsens and bluestones in a circular pattern with each stone weighing 70 tons. Almost 8 million people visit this iconic place every year.

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The world-famous landmark Stonehenge is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. 

The visit to Stonehenge should last at least two hours. There are also many other tourist sites near the monument of Stonehenge where people can enjoy their day.

Durrington Walls is located at just five miles to the northwest of Stonehenge.  Woodhenge is just three miles, Old Sarum is nine miles and Avebury is at a distance of 23 miles from Stonehenge.

To get to Stonehenge from London, it is better to book a bus tour package in advance to avoid the long queue of ticket lines.

Pack your bag to explore the world known prehistoric monument and immerse yourself in the historical, cultural, and religious significance of Stonehenge.

Some Important Facts about Stonehenge.

Let's look at some of the important facts about Stonehenge.

1. The place Stonehenge is more than 5000 years old. It was used to the crematorium of the deads.

2. The Stones used in the monument are of 2 types, one is Sarsens and other ones are bluestones. It is said that the stones were brought to the site with the help of water transportation.

3. Earlier, there were used to be 2 entry points to the monument. From the northeast side and other entrance was from the south side of the monument. But now there are more than 2 entrances.

4. In the year 1666, a man named John Aubrey found a 56 pits circle inside the closure and hence the circle was named after him "Aubrey Holes".

5. At the time of digging, many Roman artifacts were found at the site. The items included stones, metals, coins and Roman Pottery.

6. The primary written record of the Stonehenge was dropped by the Historian and wayfarer Henry in 1130 CE. Stones of magnificent sizes have been raised after the way of entryways and nobody can consider why they were worked there."

7. Stonehenge has a long and captivating relation with the astronomers. In 1720, Dr. Halley utilized the situation of the rising sun and attractive deviation in 1720 to evaluate the time of Stonehenge. Acclaimed crystal gazer John Smith presumed that the 30 sarsens speak to the 360 days of the year (subsequent to duplicating by 12 mysterious sign with 30 sarsen stones).

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