Eating Popcorn and Keeping it Secure From Friends

Posted by Diana Garcia on September 12th, 2019

It has always been a long connection between friends and popcorns. Let it be a movie night, or you are just having fun playing video games or talking, eating popcorns with friends will always be a fun snack to pass the time.

First of all, they are easy to chew, they are delicious, and as much as you eat them, they still do not fill the bellies. So eating them while talking or playing or watching a movie lets you have a snack along with the fact that it does not even affect you to eat too much popcorn at one time. By the passage and evolvement of time, popcorn have evolved too. There are a variety of flavors that are available in the market for these corns. The most normal one is the salted flavor that is the original one. Some of the other flavors are as follows:

1. Apple cinnamon crunch
2. Butter smoked
3. Classic Caramel
4. Caramel bacon
5. Caramel chipotle
6. Caramel nut crunch
7. Caramel pumpkin spice
8. Coffee Caramel
9. Classic Cheddar

And these are just the start of the flavors that are at this time available in the market. As much as there are benefits of eating popcorn, there are cons to it as well. It is summarizing the fact by saying that it is generally okay to eat popcorns twice or thrice a week. The sale of popcorn in cinemas is extensive, and they too offer various flavors of popcorns. The most important feature of the sale is the kind of boxing for these corns. Popcorn boxes always play a vital role in the sale of the corns itself. No one needs a kind of boxing that trips over the popcorns if held tightly.

In cinema halls, the popcorn is very expensive, and outside food is also prohibited, so there is no other option but to buy them. If you go with a bunch of friends and you get only one or two boxes of popcorn, you want to grab your box while watching the movie. And obviously, you would want to hold it tightly because friends, they will snatch them away without you knowing. This section is about how the boxes play the role of securing the corns from your friends.

The Material Used

In the early times when popcorns were sold, most of the boxes were made out of paper. That has changed now. The use of corrugated boxes is preferred now because of their strength and rigidness. Another reason why this packaging is used is that it has layers of cardboards which ensure that the popcorns remain fresh.

Although there are holders beside the seats in a cinema to hold your popcorn box, you still would want to hold them in your hands to make sure you eat the most. These boxes not only allow the safe holding of them from the popcorn stand to the seats, but they also ensure that they do not get bent and remain intact the whole time you are holding them. This will authorize you will make you the savior of your popcorns just because you are holding the box and will prevent your friends from eating more than you do.

Order Your Own

The custom packaging boxes allow you to make sure that you get the kind of boxes that you wanted. If you call your friends over every week to have a movie or a game night, make sure that you have storage of these popcorn boxes at your place. These do not take much space as they can be folded into plane sheets and 100’s of these boxes can be contained by a drawer. You can even customize the style of the packaging according to how you want them to be for easy handling while watching a movie or playing some game. Click here to order your own customized popcorn boxes.

Not only you can customize the packaging of these boxes, but you can also customize the prints on these boxes. Custom Printed Boxes allow you with that option too. You can choose any kind of prints and colorings for your bags of popcorns. For instance, you can write your home address or your name because you are calling your friends over at your place. You can even customize them to write separate names on separate boxes to make sure no one feels left out.

Every other thing aside, these packagings do play an important role in the easy handling of popcorns and to make sure that they remain fresh for longer periods. They also help you to hold them tightly to make sure no one else gets the hold of them while watching your favorite movie.

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