Transformation of the workplace- Office furniture matters?

Posted by ROSI Office on September 12th, 2019

Today's office requires flexibility - most employees enjoy being free to work in collaborative spaces as well as more private areas.Even though you can work anywhere, chances are your comfort and productivity will not compare to that of your office. No matter how mobile you can be, you will always need good office furniture and accessories.There are multiple factors that lead to employee success due to their workspace. Small yet meaningful office modifications can be made to achieve an optimal workspace, even with a small budget.

Did you know that your office flooring choice actually has an impact on employee productivity?

Movable office walls are creating innovative business spaces. They can be writable, glass, vinyl, you name it! These walls are called movable because they can be easily reconfigured with 100% of the wall reusable. The flexibility to match your ever-changing space demands.

Cubicle and open-space designs have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on your workers and the role of their teams. Knowing the pros and cons of each layout can help you apply them to your office and maximize employee engagement.

Your reception area makes an important first impression. But you should also make sure it's durable to withstand wear and tear. Here's how to have both in your guest area.
Sized for every space, lounge style office furniture can be configured to build an unlimited number of seating arrangements to suit any work environment.

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