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The Most Effective Ways to Use CBD

Posted by amosfred1990 on September 12th, 2019

So, you’ve used it for a while and still feel unsatisfied about its effects on your symptoms? You choose to buy CDB online, where you have more options, convenience, and a trusted seller—so you know it’s not that the seller shortchanged you. It could be you are not applying the most effective ways to use CBD products.

Some people swear by soaking themselves in a CBD bath.

Others take CBD like any other daily supplement.

Yet others add CBD products to main meals, snacks, juices, and even recovery protein mixes. But what are the most effective ways to consume CBD?

Research is still ongoing on what is the best CBD dosage to take. But recent findings have provided welcome news to the CBD community.

In this quick, handy guide, discover what to do the next time you buy CBD online from a trusted seller.

How best to take CBD?

There are four typical ways to consumer CBD products; ingesting, inhaling, topical application, and sublingual.

Here’s the lowdown for each and which ones are most effective for most people

1.      Ingesting orally

You’ve ingested capsules and pills before.

Do the same with CBD capsules and gummies. Or add CBD directly into your recovery drinks, lunch, or smoothie.

CBD capsules come in pre-measured sizes too, so they help monitor dosage. 25 milligrams work just fine as a starting point, but you can increase your dosage by popping additional capsules to relieve your symptoms.

If you need to start feeling the positive results in under 40 minutes, ingestion may not be the most effective way to take CBD.

Because the capsules have to pass through the digestive system, getting digested, absorbed, and ultimately assimilated into the bloodstream, the process can take over an hour.

And only about 20%-30% of the CBD is absorbed, according to one study. Edibles may also contain preservatives, which may further interfere with optimal absorption.

But once the effects hit home, you’ll feel them throughout your system and for hours.

2.      Topical application

You can circumvent the digestive tract to deliver the CBD into your bloodstream faster using a CBD infused ointment, lotion, balm, or cream—or even transdermal patches.

CBD topicals are applied directly on the skin. That way, they provide concentrated relief to a specific area of application.

The method is proven to work by a 2015 CBD study—although it was done on mice in a lab.

How fast the CBD gel permeates your skin will depend on how strong the CBD in it is. A weak CBD-infused cream will take longer.

3.      Inhaling or vaping

 Compare the digestive system and the skin to your mucous membranes. Maybe not.

But permeation happens much faster in mucous-rich surfaces of the body than dry areas.

When inhaled, the CBD vape diffuses into your bloodstream speedily in your lungs’ wet gaseous exchange chambers. You can start feeling effects as soon as 10 minutes after a vape.

Just ensure your vaporizer’s cartridge contains CBD oil.

You can also smoke CHD in a joint.

4.      Sublingual (under the tongue)

 Another fast and effective way to take CBD is by using a CBD tincture to place a drop or several drops under your tongue.

For best results, you should hold the fluid under your tongue for about a minute before swallowing it. The aim is to let the CBD-infused tincture absorb directly into your bloodstream due to the direct contact with the highly-permeate tissues under the tongue.

This method is not only fast but also highly effective at delivering the maximum amount of CBD you need to soothe your symptoms.

And there you have it.

Use these four proven, most effective ways to use CBD the next time you buy CBD online. The last two are equally as fast, too. 

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