How to Choose Keywords for PPC Ads

Posted by SEOLosAngelesusa on September 13th, 2019

Search engine marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help you fine-tune your digital marketing plan. If you’re a small business looking for target audiences with a strong buying intent, PPC advertising is a boon for you. When users see an advertisement that contains specific keywords matching their requirements, they are encouraged to click-through and check out your website. PPC advertising, when done right can help enhance your click-through and conversion rates. A digital marketing agency can help you with PPC management in Los Angeles. Keep reading to know how to choose the best keywords for a PPC campaign.

Landing Page

A PPC ad will usually link to a landing page on your website, which could be one of your product pages. When choosing keywords for PPC advertising, your landing page can give you the best idea of what keywords to include. Scan through your landing page carefully to come up with a list of keywords falling into the following categories: brand terms, generic terms, related terms, and competitor terms.

Mix and Match Keywords

When building a keyword list for a PPC campaign, it’s always best to use a combination of various types of keywords for maximum efficacy. If you’re just starting out your PPC campaign or have a tight budget to work with, you must know that bidding on competitor’s brand terms is expensive, and it’s best to avoid this.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the best way to come up with a keyword list is to begin with broad keywords and then narrow down to more specific ones. It’s also important to include variations and synonyms of keywords since users tend to spell terms in different ways when they type in search queries.

Include Specific and Long-tail Keywords

While broad terms have larger search volumes, these keywords will return results even if users are not exactly looking for a niche category of products. By including specific keywords, you’re increasing your chances of connecting with audiences who are looking for a particular type of product or service. “Men’s long-sleeve t-shirt” is an example of a specific long-tail keyword that will display your ad when a user types in a search query for men’s t-shirt.

For a PPC ad, specific keywords are particularly important as users tend to click on PPC ads that display the product they’re searching for.

PPC advertising can yield great results and maximize your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch with an expert marketing firm that specializes in PPC management in Los Angeles.

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