Marine Scientific Equipment: How To Find The Right Setup

Posted by Allison Smith on September 13th, 2019

Why do you need to order new marine scientific equipment for your survey? You likely do not own all the things you need for the research you plan to do, or you might need to rent your equipment because it can be very expensive. You can budget around the options that you get when you order from a company down by the docks, and you can even customize the equipment that you need. Look below at all the things that you can get for your research that will give you the most accurate data possible. Plus, you can ask the builder if they have any advice for you when you place your order.

Where Does Your Scientific Equipment Come From?


You can order marine scientific equipment from a company that works near the water and provides equipment to all the researchers who are in the area. You must ask the seller if they can rent to you,and you should request custom equipment when needed. You can get everything that you need, and it can all be delivered to your boat before you set off. Plus, the seller can help you with installation of certain items like a winch. Even if you have rented the winch, you can get something that is customized specifically for the type of work you plan to do.


 What Sort Of Equipment Do You Need?


You need an ROV (submarine) that you can control via a remote. You can get a winch that comes with its own data cable, and you can get a CTD array that will have as many sensors attached to it as you like. In fact, you can get a magnetometer and oceanographic winch that can be attached to the boat for you. The winch will feed the data cable to your research staff and computers,and the winch is strong enough to carry the RVO and arrays that you have put in the water.

You can order any assortment of equipment that you want, and you can take a rental contract or a simple purchase for these items. You may need to rent if you have a tight budget, or you can buy when the products are not too expensive.

How Long Can You Rent Your Gear?


You can sign a rental contract of any length, and all you need to do is come to an agreement about the price of the gear when you meet with the seller. The seller will let you know how much they would typically charge for the gear that you are renting, and you can negotiate until you have come to a price that you will be happy with. The products that you rent should be returned to the seller when you are done with the survey, and they will often give you some options for installation.

Ask the seller if they can help you install a winch and get ready for your trip. When you return, the seller can remove the winch and take it back. This is a simple process for everyone, and it saves you time.

A Final Thought


The survey equipment that you have purchased or rented can be chosen to accommodate your survey, and you can acquire that gear from a seller that works near the water. These companies can build the equipment for you to meet the specific needs of your mission, or you can rent the basics so that you can collect all your data. When you need to be ready for your next project, you should contact your survey equipment supplier as soon as possible. You need to order everything in advance for your research.


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