Difference Between a Makeup sponge and Foundation Brush

Posted by dennishahn on September 13th, 2019

Foundation can be a bit challenging to apply over the face and body, and you need to have some practice to make sure that it blends over the skin and looks natural. As the goal to the foundation is to give you flawless skin, it can sometimes prove to be a bit hard to apply. When it comes to the foundation brush, it is advised that you choose a quality brush as it would last longer than the sponge and you might even need to replace the latter quite often. There are several benefits of using the foundation brush, some of which are as follows:

For those who have dry skin, they can apply the foundation straight away with the brush without dampening it. Dry skin types need to block the moisture content and to add water on the skin would only make it drier, which would make it difficult to apply the makeup efficiently.

Brushes are perfect for full-coverage makeup. They absorb less makeup on the bristles than the sponge, which means that you do not need to wash them every single time, and they would probably last longer.

There is a certain section of people who prefer using the makeup sponge as it glides effortlessly over the face, especially around the area near the eyes. It requires less pushing, pulling, and also causes less damage to the skin. If you are someone who rarely washes the makeup brushes, then the sponge is a better choice as you can replace it often. There are wide varieties of sponges that not only work with foundation but also with the concealer, bronzer, as well as the highlighter. Moreover, with the brushes you need to one for every type of application that you want to have so, it would be best to use a sponge in such cases. You can search for face sponge online india to find the best ones for your skin. The foundation sponge india are available in different varieties and designs as well that would make your makeup application process fun. Although it might be task to find the best makeup sponges but you must always choose quality over the cost and make sure that you are getting the best utility at the right price. Also, look out for the material used in the sponge and figure out if that would suit your skin or not.

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