How Long Before You See Full Growth After A Hair Transplant?

Posted by medispaindia on September 13th, 2019

Losing the best asset to enhance your beauty is devastating for any individual in the present times of aesthetic importance. Hence, people while looking for solutions for hair loss are more deviated towards cosmetic treatments and surgeries to bring back their confidence which was once faded. One such procedure in lime light nowadays for hair loss is hair transplant.

Once you plan to come under the knife for hair transplant, the hope initiates to see flowing flock of hairs which was once a long lost dream. Since the day you get your hair transplant done, the excitement begins to see growth of hairs on you bald area. But unfortunately this dream also cannot be fulfilled overnight and you have to wait looking into the mirror for months.

What happens after hair transplant to newly implanted hair follicles?

After hair transplant procedure, newly hair follicles transplanted undergoes normal hair growth cycle comprising of 4 phases including: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen. Each hair follicle could be at different phase of growth cycle. Depending on its position in its cycle, once implanted it will proceed through its cycle and therefore grows in accordingly. Hence, the growth of hairs varies from individual to individual and hair follicle to other follicle.

Best Hair Transplant Results

The following timeline of growth of hair follicle after hair transplant are as follows:

Week 1: Patient has to properly follow post operative instructions for whole week to achieve best hair transplant results as per the clinician. The patient might feel mild swelling and redness in forehead, back of the head and sides which usually disappears with 4-5 days.  This is followed by formation of crust or flakes around the newly transplanted hair follicles which disappear in around 10 days post procedure.

Week 2-3: This is also called as shock phase when you will realize shedding of all newly transplanted hairs and you might feel that hair transplant is a failure. But don’t worry your efforts have not ended in vain; it is normal hair growth cycle. Hair follicles stays intact and only hair shaft sheds which further prepares hair follicles to form new hair shaft.

Month 1 to 2:  In this time duration, hair follicles enter into rest phase and do not undergo any visible change on your bald area.  People often get disappointed during this time as they exactly look the same as they were before the procedure.

Month 2 to 4: A ray of hope begins once you see new thin hair shafts appearing from the bald area. The thin hair shaft begins to appear some sooner and some latter.

Month 6: During this time progress takes it peak and considerable amount of hair grow in the bald area.

Month 6-9: Donor area is completely healed by this time and a large amount of bald area could be found covered with hairs. In the latter months, the thin hair shafts undergo textural changes and become thick.

1 year:  By the end of a year 80% of the hair growth can be observed which is followed by fuller look as the volume of hair grows further.

How long to wait for full growth?

So yes, it needs to wait for around a year to achieve the look of your dream and bring back your confidence which was once faded due to hair loss. If you have chosen the right clinic and right surgeon, this duration is really worth waiting.

3 months


4-5 months


6-7 months


8-9 months


10-12 months


Table depicting Hair transplant regrowth rate

Why to choose Medispa for your long lasting dream oh hair transplant?

  1. Highly qualified and artistic in house surgeon (Dr Suneet Soni)
  2. Well equipped operatory
  3. Hygiene of international standards
  4. Latest technology like video assisted microscope for excellent results
  5. Experienced technicians

All these minute efforts we take are to deliver the best experience which makes you believe that the wait was worth. In addition to all of these we believe in delivering best possible treatment with keeping your comfort in mind at an affordable cost.

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