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What are the Best Healthy Snacks for your dogs?

Posted by dennishahn2610 on September 13th, 2019

It is usually one of the very basic facts that a dog is considered to be one of man’s best friend. Therefore, if you have a part at home, it is really essential to develop certain steps to take care of the dog. One of the most essential elements that must be looked into is none other than the food that is being served. It should be nutritious and also healthy too. Along with gravy and lunch food, healthy treats and other snack options must be open as well and therefore, seeing to the options available, some of the best food choices are as follows:

Fruits like apples

Apples are rich in all sorts of nutrients minerals and therefore, it should be included as an essential snack item at least twice a week. Apples can be cut in short in small pieces and then fed to the dog.


Boiled eggs or poached ones can be given to the dogs so as to ensure the right balance of protein in the animal.

Processed cheese

Dogs do love cheese and feeding the animal small cheese pieces once a week can do the trick.

Vegetables like carrots

If you are looking for a healthier dog boarding in Eastern suburbs, then you can try out some fresh vegetables like carrots and even potato and sweet potato. Even pumpkins without the seeds are an excellent source of vitamins and this can be fed to the dogs as a snack option.

Small pieces of meat

Small meat pieces are available in the dog store at the snack counter and it can be fed to the dog for some added protein.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter too has some essential probiotics in it and therefore, this too is an excellent snack source to be fed to the dog.

Flavoured and plain yogurt

Both plain and flavoured yogurt is good for dog snacks too and this is also on the healthier side.

Along with paying attention to the snacks of the pet, it is mandatory to look into the dog vaccination in North shoreso that the dog doesn’t suffer from any diseases or form digestion issues. Some of the dog vaccinations in eastern suburbs help with making the dog feel light on the food intake and thus, this is also an important part of making the dog happy.

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