How co-working spaces can benefit startup entrepreneurs?

Posted by Jessie Richards on September 13th, 2019

Working from home may sound great in the initial days of a start-up business. However, it becomes quickly apparent that competing distractions at home or trying to find somewhere to charge your laptop at a café makes working from home not quite as glamorous as it seems. This is when co-working spaces come into the picture.

From co-working locations in the central CBD to funky shophouses or hip spaces offering midday yoga sessions, co-working is the new buzzword for every entrepreneur.

Here are some convincing reasons why start-up entrepreneurs should take the plunge and check out co-working.


NETWORKING: Building a network and making connections is imperative for a start-up. A co-working space allows entrepreneurs to meet and connect with like-minded individuals who may be in a similar situation or have relevant advice to help get through those roadblocks that may seem overwhelming in the early days of starting a business. Workbuddy gives members access to over 30 co-working spaces across Singapore which gives you even more opportunity to network with a variety of different people; plus, the added advantage of a multitude of events and workshops to help you meet new people, learn and grow your business.

WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Feeling burnt out? When putting so much time and effort into starting a new business, it’s important to keep your work-life balance. Whether you need to work close to a client in the CBD one day or your child’s school the next, a workbuddy membership gives you the flexibility to be able to get your work-life balance back and increase your productivity by cutting down your travel time.


Trying to maintain a full office in the initial stage of starting a business can be a real drain on the budget. That’s where co-working spaces can be so cost-effective – they provide all the equipment you need with total control over the budget (and often the added perk of good coffee). Workbuddy gives members the ultimate flexibility and control - with one affordable monthly membership you can access over 30 locations across Singapore with no lock in contracts or nasty surprises. Simply change your membership or cancel any time.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: A co-working space is flooded with a talented pool of people and business development opportunities. Looking for someone to join your business as a partner or new hire? Or just looking for a freelancer to help drive a business opportunity? Maybe you’re just looking for a like-minded individual to brainstorm some ideas with... the opportunities are endless when you are surrounded by like-minded individuals with the same drive and entrepreneurial flair.

To sum up, co-working is on the rise for a very good reason. It improves work-life balance, drives business opportunities and allows workers to learn, network and bounce ideas of other like-minded individuals.

Workbuddy is taking this to the next level by offering an affordable monthly membership that gives members access to over 30 of the top co-working locations across Singapore. Choose to work near your client one day or your gym the next; A funky shophouse today or CBD office location tomorrow. Workbuddy members get the ultimate flexibility with increased productivity and increased networking opportunities. Simply download the app, book your nearest workspace, check in and start working. It’s as easy as that. Check it out and receive a 1-week free trial here.


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