Top 5 Restaurant POS Systems

Posted by swara on September 13th, 2019

An accurate POS system can efficiently handle every operation of the restaurant, cafe or bar, from getting orders and payments until the complete unit of an inventory.



Aryan restaurant POS system:


An Aryan POS system for restaurant offers an all-inclusive hotel billing software that is beneficial to every small and mid-sized restaurant and bars.

This can be  restaurant management software used in various small retail businesses for billing purposes. It also offers an extension to upgrade with stock and inventory modules, depending on customer requirements.

An Aryan restaurant management software is specially designed to help the food and beverage operators in processing orders and take care of the financial outlook of the restaurant business.

The margin in the food and beverage industry is getting tighter. Hence, it is highly recommended to the restaurant owners to make use of the best POS system for restaurants to maintain their business effectively.


Key features:


Optimum customer services

Easy to use

Quick ordering

Packed with features

Easy to maintain records

Fast, efficient and secure

Offers a centralized control

Quick installation

Manipulate free billing transaction

Free Trial

24/7 Support

Serves all business sizes








Touch Bistros POS:


TouchBistros was imagined as a restaurant management software from the very beginning. Its emphasis on business has gained a notable position, making it the best POS system for restaurant. It has exceeded 11000 venues all around the world that is operated using TouchBistro software.

A Hotel billing software, TouchBistros POS has a flexible interface with strong inventory management options. Such a feature makes it a standard restaurant management software that is maintained by the TouchBistros support team.

TouchBistros guarantees that they offer more than 200 features mentioned in their service list that practically covers everything which most restaurants will ever require.

Touch Bistro's restaurant management software offers an open option for all sizes of business. The large enterprise operations will require a wireless router to run TouchBistros POS on a safe and secure local network. While other small business operations will need a single tablet device to get started.

TouchBistros POS is a good choice to have for any business sizes, that helps to offer a quick-service to the clients/customers, operated from a table-side tablet device delivering a quality POS service.


Key Features

Splitting bills

Complete floor layout

Provides table-side ordering

Offers VIP community network

Absolute menu management

Free Trial

24/7 Support

Serves all business sizes



Square POS:


When it comes to getting exclusive offerings for counter service, table service, bars & lounges, bakeries, and coffee shops, Square POS restaurant management software is considered the best POS system for restaurant.

The square POS, restaurant management software package includes inventory, menu, and layout management. Apart from this, there are also some additional features, available in the hotel billing software package.

The square POS, restaurant management software is also well known to offer lots of customized features with an assistive sensible support team.

A square POS provides strong support within a low price and is considered as the best POS system for restaurant in the current market. Square POS also sells out lots of hardware accessories, but it is optional. You can go for a software-only version, that will turn your tablet into a quick-service device at a very minimal cost.



Key Features

Customization in Menu

Managing layout

Well built analytic

Assist in per-item sales tracking

Customer feedback

Free Trial

24/7 Support

Serves all business sizes


Lightspeed Restaurant POS:


A Lightspeed is the best POS system for restaurant that enables a tablet device to stand apart with offering more flexible restaurant services. Many third-party applications can be effectively connected into the Lightspeed restaurant management software, allowing customers/clients to add features like scheduling employees or giving customers/clients a chance to tailor their hotel billing software for a more specific venture including e-commerce and hotels.


The Lightspeed, restaurant management software does not allow a complete third-party app integration into its system. Its inbuilt features consist of an inventory management module that helps to track the daily records individually. The floor plan display assists the servers to the tables, whenever they required. The menu function in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS supports the photos of each meal with the description.

A table-side service and a good management option make Lightspeed POS, the best POS system for restaurants, even before thinking about its available integrations. A Lightspeed, restaurant management software is a pioneer in the POS industry that offers versatile options in its software package for different business sizes.


Key Features


Offering table-side ordering

Library integration

Displaying kitchens

Managing menus

Analytic reports

Free Trial

24/7 Support

Serves all business sizes






Upserve POS:


An Upserve is a re-branded POS system for restaurant that offers great POS features that other systems rarely have. An Upserve POS, restaurant management software includes functions such as training mode, offline functioning, option for splitting bills, managing online orders, table-side ordering, and a tracking function for sales and inventory.

Upserve, hotel billing software offers in-depth analytic and simple dashboards that are designed to identify the trends that keep the restaurant and hotel business inflow. An Upserve POS, restaurant management software provides many in-built functions that help to enhance staff performance, increase guest retention, anticipate popular dishes, and identify VIP clients.


Key Features

Keep personalized onboarding

Offers offline mode

Facilitate bill splitting

Free Trial

24/7 Support

Serves all business sizes


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