Looking for tips to remove wine stains from clothes?

Posted by markwahl barg on September 13th, 2019

When you are trying to remove wine stains from your clothes there is always someone by your side who has the solution. As if it were a superhero, he decides to take the garment and treat it with the grandmother's trick.

A siphon trickles on the stain, then a pinch of salt, a few drops of lemon and rub with a toothbrush. The result? Well, surely not expected. Although the stain seems to have disappeared, there is no "homemade" superpower that can eliminate it. That is why it is best to stop impossible missions and try something that works.

But you have to be very careful while removing, otherwise clothe will be damaged and that is the reason why we suggest to use laundromat near me service.

Wine stains on colored clothes:

Check the manufacturer's label before washing it. Then, use detergent for your colored clothes. Choose the recommended dosage according to the degree of dirt and wash it normally. For large or persistent spots, pretreat it with a stain remover. Then use the washing program that suits your garment.

Wine stains on white clothes:

A stain of wine on a white garment always scares a little more. It seems that the stain will never disappear and that you will have to get rid of your favorite piece of clothing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Wash your white clothes powder. Choose the recommended dosage for each type of stain and wash it normally. If you see that the stain persists, we have a trick. Before washing, apply bleach diluted in water on the stain or, if the garment indicates "no bleach", leave it on for about twenty minutes before rinsing. Then wash it normally. Powder stain remover can make your clothes clean and fresh wash after wash. Even in cold water.

How to remove wine stains effectively?

Removing wine stains effectively is possible. Always read the washing instructions of the garment first and then, if you think the stain is difficult, pre-treat it first with the appropriate product and leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse it. Then you just have to wash it using gel or capsules in the case of colored clothes in the case of white clothes.

Have you dirtied your favorite dress or that white blouse that you have so much love for? Have you dropped a few drops of wine on your favorite shirt? Wine stains are difficult to treat, and so it is advisable to use laundromat near me service.

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