How Can Air Coolers Clean the Incoming Air?

Posted by diigi on September 13th, 2019

Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling, extracting humidity present in the air to reduce room temperature. Cooling pads present inside air cooler block flow of pollutants and dust present in the incoming air, thereby cleansing the air.

There are various techniques you can use to ensure proper workings of an evaporative air cooler:


Air filtration is most effective when cross-ventilation is allowed. Placing air coolers in front of windows is the most effective means, as it provides fresh air to flow into the room.

Good insulation pads

Before buying a cooler, you need to ensure that insulation pads used in it are of high quality. Premium pads ensure higher extraction of dust particles from the incoming air, guaranteeing clean air being released from coolers.

Submerging insulation pads in water can also be used as a pollutant extraction technique. Dust particles present in air becomes soluble in water and becomes attached to insulation pads, thus, ensuring a higher quality of air blown inside the room.

You can purchase coolers online which uses high quality insulation pads to ensure clean air circulation in a room.

Proper maintenance

Cleaning the air cooler at regular intervals, changing insulation pads, oiling the motor, etc. are some of the basic techniques that should be kept in mind to ensure proper hygiene of incoming air. Dust accumulating on blades of the fan, external structure of the cooler, etc. can cause a higher degree of filthy air.

Air coolers are increasingly becoming the top choice among majority of people in India, due to its low price as well as low operating costs. The best coolers in India can be easily purchased online from several retailers.

Availing a cooler can be done at 1/3rd of the price of an air conditioner. Additionally, air conditioners bring in an electricity bill which can be up to 5 times of that brought in by a cooler.

Air conditioners primarily circulate air present inside the room after cooling it. Air coolers, on the other hand, regularly take in fresh air from the atmosphere, dehumidify it, and release it inside the room.

In places with low humidity, air coolers can work wonders, as it can easily extract the moisture and reduce surrounding temperature. In areas where the humidity is relatively high, specific steps have to be taken to ensure smooth functioning of coolers.

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