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Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Building a Company Website

Posted by lanceyclemons on September 13th, 2019

One-third of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress (WP). From personal blogs to e-commerce sites to business websites of the same calibre as Sony and Time, WordPress is undoubtedly the most sought after content management system.

Note, however, that there are other platforms out there with their respective customer base. Much like WordPress, they are free to install and offer unique features. If the competitors are free and high-quality site builders, it makes one wonder what edge WordPress has over the others.

Advantages of WordPress

Below is a list of reasons why start-ups and corporations prefer to use WP:

1. Adapts to the Needs of Users

Though originally built for blogging and online publishing, WP now powers different types of websites in different industries. The WP we know today can handle multinational corporations, small-medium enterprises, and casual or serious bloggers. The popular CMS platform has also expanded to accommodate eCommerce stores, aesthetic online portfolios, non-profit groups, podcasts and a lot more. 

This flexibility or ability to adapt to users’ needs makes WP a formidable presence in the CMS world. Users can now access an extensive range of themes and source files. The WordPress team has so far done a great job at anticipating what users want, keeping up with their preferences and adjusting their features and services accordingly.


2. Easy to Use

Prior knowledge of coding or programming is not necessary when you use a WordPress platform. You could be a total tech noob but it will take you a few minutes to figure out how WP works. There is something about the site’s interface that allows users, regardless of technical expertise, to easily navigate through command buttons, theme options, the editor and other elements on the platform.

With a domain name and a web hosting account, you can install your WP-powered site without any cost through WP’s hosting provider. You may also upload the site directly from The final step is to explore your Admin dashboard, which allows you to customise your site however you want to. Whether you want to change your theme, text fonts, layout, image sizes, font colour – the dashboard gives you free rein over the depths and breadths of your website.


3. A Supportive WordPress Community

This open-source content management system is not only free, but it is also supported by an empowered community of WordPress lovers. They once in a while tweak source files and are responsible for securing and updating WordPress for the benefit of users. The community reaches out to users on a regular basis. It also hosts WordPress camps in various parts of the globe to encourage the growth of local WP communities.


Final Thoughts

The fact that WordPress, for a long time now, has the lion share of all websites built in the world says a lot. No platform is as all-encompassing as WordPress – a platform that anyone from any walk of life can use. If you are determined to create a website using a WP CMS, make sure your hosting provider can host your WP site. This saves you time and resources.


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Lancey Clemons is a digital marketing specialist with knowledge on web design & search engine marketing. He is currently associated with an SEO company based in Canberra, ACT.





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