Canada Immigration - New Brunswick Set for Record Increase in Migrant Intake.

Posted by Global Tree on September 14th, 2019

The government of New Brunswick has called for a strategy developed to bring about significant increase in the number of immigrants to the province over the period of the next five years. This increase in immigration numbers would hopefully help to address the social and economic challenges of its population. The new population growth strategy is expected to see an increase in the number of economic immigrants settling in the province of New Brunswick to the tune of 7,500 per annum by the year 2024.

This strategy is expected to increase the rate of immigration for the province of New Brunswick to nearly one per cent of its total population and is set to be twice the current immigration numbers for the province.

Canada Immigration – New Brunswick Need for Increase in Immigrants

The report, released by the government of New Brunswick has specifically stated that it intends to bring in nearly 120,000 job vacancies in the province over a period spanning the next 10 years. The statistics that have been compiled by the New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC) demonstrate an average loss of 110,000 workers during this period, on account of retirement. The current number of working-age workers are too less to fill all the available opportunities and therefore there is an urgent need to increase the number of immigrants to the province. One key concern that is outlined in this strategy is whether, the province can support critical social services like health care for its residents. The report pits number of working-age residents in the province for each retired person at 3.1 and this number is expected to go down to 2.3 by the year 2027.

The province of New Brunswick aims to achieve its targets for population growth through the means of a 60-point action plan that is based on four broad objectives

  1. Attract and retain a skilled labor force that aligns with the province’s labour market requirements.
  2. Recruit entrepreneurs who encourage and work towards sustainable economic growth in the province
  3. Create a conducive and encouraging environment for new immigrants and their families to settle and succeed
  4. Encourage communities in the province to foster a more diverse culture.  

Key Immigration Action Points in the New Brunswick Population Growth Action Plan

  1. Come up with a variety of tools and resources that will help to educate, and assist employers in the province to use Canada immigration to effectively meet their labor requirements.
  2. To encourage and assist international students to opt for settling in the province of New Brunswick after they complete their education.
  3. Help immigrants to tide over issues relevant to foreign credential recognition
  4. Provide support to efforts toward public engagement, that seek to break cultural stereotypes or misconceptions
  5. Conduct a thorough review of the Entrepreneurial Stream of the NBPNP in order to ensure that it provides the best impetus to new investors.
  6. Engage with local government and other community stakeholders to help support a process that encourages exploratory visits for newcomers

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