The Right Biometric Attendance System for your Organization

Posted by Cuckoo Tech on September 14th, 2019

Biometric attendance systems can be beneficial for your organization in several ways. However, there are so many of them available out there, that it may be a tough decision to understand which one is most suitable for your specific requirements. We will help you choose by letting you know all the pertinent details about a biometric attendance system.

A simple task like capturing employee attendance may seem very normal but in actual life, it becomes quite tiresome to collect individual employee attendance records daily. This is where a Biometric Attendance System comes into play. It was developed with the purpose of handling all attendance related issues like:

  • Wrong time-in and time-out recorded
  • Incorrect attendance
  • Erroneous paycheque
  • Workers being late to reach work
  • Skipping office
  • Proxy workers
  • Proxy-punching

A biometric attendance system scans the fingerprints or any other unique biometric data of your employees and records all the required relevant data corresponding to it.

Key Features of a Biometric Attendance System

Some of the main features that these attendance machines have are:

  • Geolocation tracking
  • Automated Schedule Creation
  • Payroll integration
  • Cloud-oriented storage solutions
  • Real-time data

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of having a modern biometric attendance system.


The main advantage that a biometric system brings is that they remove the need to have manual timecards. The time is collected electronically, and your calculations are done for you. This reduces the chance of errors and makes the person who tallied all this information free to take on other responsibilities. Some of the other key benefits include:

Central Template Management: Employees often work out of different locations and human resources are shared across a company. When an employee registers a fingerprint template at a specific location, this biometric data can be shared with different locations and employees can access those locations as well.

No Leakage of Data: The data is uploaded instantly to the Cloud and it is captured even if the device is offline. This helps avoid data leakage.

No Client Software Required: Because the biometric data is stored in the Cloud, there is no need to install any software in the client’s desktops or servers.

Plug and Play System: A good system will be a plug and play one and will not need complicated installation to be done.

Cost Saving: No installation and plug and play feature enables cost saving for customers.

Status Monitoring: All the devices are connected to the Cloud and if one of them goes offline, there is an alert sent out and it is dealt with immediately.


The main disadvantage of a biometric attendance system is that, they cost more than the old manual methods where employees write down their working hours daily or use a paper timecard to punch in and punch out. But it is a one-time investment which is quite cheap in the long run when compared to the man-hours spent monthly in attendance tracking.

Also, employers should be careful that employees do not feel that they are being micro-managed through time tracking.

Tips to Select the Right System

When you are trying to choose which Attendance Software to buy, here are some tips that can help you:

Accuracy: Errors in calculating work hours can cost you a lot of money. The device should work with accuracy and punch in the correct in time and out time. This is the most important reason to buy such a device.

Integration: The device should have the capability to be integrated with different software from other vendors and this will make it last longer.

Vendor Credibility: Select the right vendor, who will provide you with reliable customer support and can take ownership of issues when they arise. You should not end up regretting the money you spent on the device.

Efficiency: If your organization assigns time-specific projects to employees, the device should be able to work with these specifications and be capable enough to calculate different kinds of programming projects.

Flexibility: The biometric system should give employees different varieties of clocking time and be compatible with smart phones, telephones, and web browsers.

Security: The biometric attendance system should be secure enough so that fraudulent data and false information cannot be entered into it. If not, then it does not serve its purpose at all.

User experience: Any technology and device that is easy to use become your best pal. The device should run with smoothness and be able to interact with all its users easily. The interface should be a simple one that users can execute and manage well.

Real-Time Data Provider: The device should provide all the information with necessary details in real-time.

If you are now thinking about what you read here and considering buying Attendance Management System, you can consider buying it from CuckooTech, which provides you with advanced and useful features like real-time data, cloud integration, plug and play system, and more. You will find recording employee attendance data is convenient, easy, and accurate with the CuckooTech device.

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