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Different Types of Knife And Their Uses

Posted by luqmanali07 on September 15th, 2019

Are you a knife lover looking for the highest quality knives? Well, as you know, having a high-quality knife that is exquisite, functional and enjoyable to use is a true joy. A top quality knife also saves you time and headaches as it frees you from constant sharpening and repairing of the knife (this is if you use it for any real purpose outside of eating food).

If you’ve ever been disappointed by your lesser knives, you might understand the pain.

The good news is that there are many quality knife brands on the market to choose from.

Different Types of Knives And Their Function

When it comes to the use of knives in our daily lives, functionality is the key. A knife should be built for purpose, you cannot use a dinning knife for combat.

As such, knowing the right types of knives and their functions is in order. The main benefit of having the right knife for the right job is to increase efficiency, avoid injuries to yourself, and damage to the knife. With that said, we have a list of various knives and their functions.

a) Chef knives

Any chef will tell you that a top quality knife is essential. Famous chef knives available in the marketplace are of great designs and properties. The chef knives make slices, chops, and dice quickly. With the service of the current generation knife such 9-¼ ‘’ French chef will help you work in the kitchen like a professional. Also, the knives have a special recognition by the American Blade Society. Having a high-quality chef knife not only makes your work more comfortable but also saves you the stress that can be caused when using a blunt and imperfect quality knife.

b) Utility knives

The other category is the utility knife. The knives under this category have a day to day function that makes them very crucial in your home. Their uses range from coring fruits and vegetables to slicing and trimming excess fat. Still, under this category, we have heavy-duty utility knives.

Unlike the utility knife, they have thicker blades that enable you to cut effortlessly through squashes, watermelons, and other fruits. Due to its essentiality, the utility knives will never cease to be relevant. Thus, having these types of knives is a basic need for every home.

c) Paring knives

Another category of knives that is of considerable significance is the paring knives category. This category includes a paring knife and a bird’s beak paring knife.

They are ideal for cutting small fruits, vegetables, and making keys. They are short, steady, and durable. Due to the functionality of these knives, their service is undeniable. Thus, you should have the best quality paring knives to make your work easier.

d) Bread slicer

Bread slicer is the next category of knives that are essential in our day to day life. This is one of the knives that will serve even the most respected guests at your place. The knives that fall under this category have a long, narrow blade to slice seafood, warm bread, poultry, and cakes.

e) Cleavers

A meat cleaver is another category that you cannot feel comfortable in making your stew without. The knife is massive, has clean ribs with the ultra-sharp cutting edge that works great even on the toughest job.

Vegetable cleaver is another category of knives that is ideal for cutting, slicing, dicing, and chopping. That said, it would be almost impossible to survive without the knife. Thus, the knives have a concrete role to play in any chefs kitchen. 

f) Table knives

A table knife is another category of knives that you will continue to use frequently in your home. This knife is also known as a steak knife. The blade easily cuts food at the table with its double edge. Also, you can use it to cut salad and spread butter.

Let’s face it, this humble knife is the most used and the most readily found in local shops. We can easily overlook the quality, but there are indeed exquisite designs available for the connoisseur.

g) Combat knives

Combat knives are equally important. They are robustly designed to help you finish your enemy in contact. These CAS knives are very crucial in terms of security. The combat knives are sharp and always a clothed by a tailor-made leather casing. CAS knives come from different countries.

However, some knife lovers prefer CAS Argentina knives to knives from Belgium. Besides that, some of the combat knives are rare, and it may take a decade for one to land into your hands. 

Care and Maintenance of Different Types Of Knives

Knowing how to maintain and care for your knives is a great idea to go. With such knowledge, your knives will have a more extended serving period, thus increased efficiency. With that said, we have come up with some essential care and maintenance practices for your knives.

  1. Regular honing: honing the cutting edges of your knife is one of the hacks that you can use to maintain higher efficiency of your knife. To do that, hold your knife vertically with the tip pointing down and give ita quick honing.
  2. Sharpen yearly: The practice helps to repair the nicks and mars that are present on the blade of the knife.
  3. Proper cutting technique: The up-down cutting motion blunts the edge. Thus the slide-cutting method is the best for maintaining a sharp edge
  4. Hand wash the knife to reduce the chances of getting the edge damages by other gadgets.
  5. Proper storage for safety and to maintain the knife in good working condition

Bottom Line

Knives are great tools that will serve you from cutting food to self-defense. Due to their basic functionality, you should act quickly to grab your quality knives and enjoy their incredible service. Regardless of its country of origin, you can always have knives of your choice. Whether you need Belgian knives or Brazilian knives, we make your opportunities endless.

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