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Posted by reedcooper on September 15th, 2019

For tourists, Cuba is like a real party, full of nightlife, full of dancing, drinking, talking with many different people, making many new friends, and never stop meeting new people.

But in the morning and during the day, they prefer to wander around the city and explore its museums and old buildings while enjoying watching the old American cars passing by. It can get really emotional and they want to know everything about Casas Particulares Havana Cuba.

In the main cities, tourists get astonished with the architecture of the old buildings; even though many are almost collapsing, but still... the architecture is amazing. They can travel back in their minds and imagine how life was for Cubans, with that exotic architecture, 60 years ago.

They go back to their hotels in the late afternoon, tired but happy, needing to shower and eat but the day is not yet over. Something is missing... Nightlife!!

Nightlife in Cuba could be compared on a lesser scale to nightlife in Las Vegas. For example, there are three main places in Cuba called "Casa de la Musica" where the music never stops. Two of them are located in Havana city (Miramar town and Havana Center) and the third one is located in Trinidad city, in the center of the island.

These places in the past were big, huge houses or old theaters which then were converted into "dancing venues". In those places, every day there is live music being played by a locally recognized Cuban band. Tourists love that! They like to see how Cuban women dance, how they move their hips, but tourist are not just spectators there as they also do some dancing of their own even though they might not know how to dance very well.

Always those places are full of Cuban people looking to dance and they are helpful with tourists who would like to improve their dancing skills. What usually happens is that a tourist gets approached by a Cuban girl or man and without asking for permission of any kind, they take his/her hand and the tourist is taken to the center of the dancing place. There, the foreigner is taught to move the legs to the rhythm of the contagious music.

So, after a short lesson and a couple of drinks, tourists are almost ready to dance the Cuban Salsa style. It can be difficult though because Cuban salsa is somewhat different from any other dancing style in the world.

Then they go back to their hotels (or Casas particulares) in the early morning, tired and drunk but excited and happy, needing to sleep and rest but looking forward the next day to start it all over again.

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