How Long Will Microsoft Support Windows 10?

Posted by Marilynruth on September 16th, 2019


Microsoft has recently made a few updates and important announcements about how long Microsoft will support the different Windows version or current operating system. 

The updates mainly include news regarding XP Service Pack 3, Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and Windows 8.1.

These reports were made to inform users regarding the pattern of Microsoft for the support of its operating systems. The mainstream support of five years and the extended period of 10 years has provided to each operating system version. The Windows 10 will be supported till October 13, 2020 with the mainstream support and extended period make it functional till Oct. 14, 2025. But, there are chances that this period will be extended further. Windows 10 will be updated several times with regular period of time. 

Mainstream support and extended support are two major terms. The meaning is that the operating system will receive various security fixes, threats, and vulnerabilities. Also, updates enhance the reliability, performance, and compatibility.

The mainstream period includes Microsoft support for all technical queries via phone, email, and chat. To get this support visit the official Microsoft website. This support also remains active even in the extended period, until Microsoft acknowledges the Base information on the OS.

Windows 10 has the auto-update features which means, unlike other OS versions it will update the base without any manual attempt. 

It is important that you have the latest version of your operating system installed on your computer, for receiving automatic security updates. Well, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP from 2014 but most of the users are continuing their use of it. But it is important to consider that the XP and other non-supportive versions aren’t safe to use. So, one must upgrade their operating system in order to stay safe.

With Windows 10, things are quite different. Most of the Windows versions are quite painful once the mainstream is finished but with Windows 10 you can use it without any issue even after the support ends. Windows 10 is becoming better with every update so there is nothing to worry about even if you are using it in the extended support.

So, instead of introducing the new version of Windows, Microsoft is improving Windows 10 in a moderate manner. 

The versions of Windows 10 are very important to understand. So, have a look here:

  • Version 1507 is the original version of Windows 10.

  • Version 1511 is the November Update from 2015.

  • Version 1607 is the Anniversary Update.

  • Version 1703 is the Creators Update, current the newest version.

In order to check the Windows version you are using, press “Win+R” and open the run command. Open “Winver”. Now, you will get the information regarding Windows version you are using. 

If the version you are using is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is high time to upgrade the version of your operating system. For future convenience you can simply enable the auto-update features of Windows 10. Also, you can Contact Microsoft support for windows 10 installation and update process to avoid any technical halt.

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