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Posted by Napatsix6 on September 16th, 2019

The most popular game in online casinos is inevitable. Online casino games for sure. Because playing baccarat online is easy to understand. Each game is fast and easy to understand. Like playing bounce and bouncing in Thailand, which today we will introduce online baccarat formulas from SIX6Hub.

Playing baccarat or baccarat cards Is the most popular card game for online casinos. Baccarat games use all 6 -8 cards together, resulting in a total of 312 - 416 cards for the casino representatives to have. Dealer who acts as a dealer And the side that plays is divided into 2 sides. The first side is called PLAYER and the banker
Online casino players Will be able to select 5 main types of bets

1. Placing Walking Thousands of Players - Betting on the Player, Winning

2. Choose to place thousands of banker moves - bet on the banker to win

3. Tie Walk, TieGame - Always Bet

4. Putting a Player Pair - Stab the player in pairs.

5. Choose to place a thousand Banker Pair - Stake out the dealer.

For the cards dealt in baccarat play that will be dealt is The dealer will pay 2 cards for each side and will not exceed 3 cards. The card counting principle is the same as the bounce card. If which side has the closest score to 9, then it will be the collision.

The point counting method is the same as Pokémon. The highest point is 9. If the first 2 cards are combined, the result is 8 or 9, which is the highest point. There will be no draw card for the 3rd card. Counting the points is like playing the Thai bounce exactly

Returns when guessing correctly.

1. Place bet on Player: get 1 to 1 bet

2. Choose to place Banker Banker bets: Receive 1 to 1 bets but the amount will be deducted 5%

3. Place Tie Tie Game: Receive 1 to 8 stake

4. Choose to place bets. Players with Pair Pair: Player will receive 1 to 11 bets.

5. Finally, choose to bet on the banker pair. Banker Pair: Get a 1 to 11 bet.

Baccarat formula needs to be analyzed since choosing a room must choose the room where the winning results between similar players.

Must select a room that has just started betting for a while but not less than 10 eyes

As for the selection, the bet can be divided into 2 types

1. If the room that players choose Dealer wins more often than players And if the formula enters the banker's side, choose to bet immediately

2. If the room that players choose The dealer wins less than the player. And if the formula comes into the player's side, choose to bet immediately

Selecting the formula:

When the side of the players or the dealer wins for 3-4 consecutive rounds, there will be a chance to turn up to 80%. Depends on the horoscope another 20%. Therefore, if the dealer wins again To choose the players side again But must add 1 more time

- If the player wins in 3 consecutive turns, select the banker bet.

- Set a goal each day, usually only 10% of the funds

Just as there are guidelines for playing baccarat in each game. But the stimulant baccarat formula may not be available in all games. What everyone is different is that it is playing. If you think that you have good fortune and want to be rich แทงบอลไม่มีขั้นต่ำ, then Add LINE straight away at @ win1999. We have a team ready to take care of 24 hours or

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