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Posted by Donald Hood on September 16th, 2019

1888 Press Release - CoreTechnologie's 3D_Evolution Simplifier allows users to automate the process of file size reduction, protection of IP, and plant layout using a unique algorithm within their code. CoreTechnologie allows users to bring in any CAD format without accessing the native API.

Southfield, MI – CoreTechnologie (CT) customers have seen a great return on investment when utilizing 3D_Evolution™ Simplifier to automate file sizes reductions for plant layouts, packaging, and protecting IP. “In the case of CoreTechnologies' current automotive OEM, including its suppliers with the requirement to reduce file size for plant layout was a must due to time to market restraints with file sizes exceeding 10gb.” States David Selliman Vice President. A 90% reduction in file size while containing mixed geometry – solid model at connection points and tessellation for visualization for spatial constraint accuracy.

The well-known tool in the past has been used within PLM applications to automate and batch the process to protect IP and visualization of engines, aircraft, and manufacturing machines. The convenient simplify all-in-one step is a one clicks solution; first, it simplifies the bodies, then the assembly using an algorithm to identify internal and external entities that are smaller than a specific volume, voxel size and even radiuses of less than or greater than functions. It quickly removes parts while maintaining a solid model. The ability to exclude specific parts and bodies lets users keep what is needed and remove the rest. The deboss and drawing connection settings allow users to know enough about the model without identifying intellectual property.

CoreTechnologie’s ability to read the parametric and boundary representation 3D model of all CAD formats without accessing the API and translating them to any format has been extremely useful for customers across the globe. For AR/VR, 3D_Evolution™ gives users the ability to bring in the native CAD file, simplify the geometry and convert to formats such as FBX, OBJ, or 3MF. All the while having the ability to adjust the discretization, controlling the maximum sag, length, and angle as well as decimating the tessellation during the conversion.

About CoreTechnologie
CT CoreTechnologie headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany; is the leading provider of 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) translation software known as 3D_Evolution™ (Conversion, Repair, Simplification, Analysis), 3D_Analyzer® (CAD Viewer) and 3D_Kernel_IO (CAD interoperability API). The company’s mission is to optimize the interoperability space and help organizations to effectively share engineering data in the product lifecycle management (PLM) process. Learn more at

3D_Evolution™ is a trademark of CT CoreTechnologie GmbH.

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