Why You Should Attend An IT Conference

Posted by The Resource Management on September 17th, 2019

The rapidly developing technologies have completely changed the scenarios of living in this world. Many companies organize conferences in collaboration with different universities and educational institutes. The researchers focus on getting their papers accepted, giving a presentation on their work and answering questions raised by the audience. For the beginners, the experience can be overwhelming and scary at the beginning. However, it is a start and it sets a base for your future. Therefore, attending conferences is extremely beneficial for you and your flourishing career. The IT Support Conferences & Exhibitions can change your entire life in many ways. Some of these ways are explained below. 

Getting Feedback & Suggestions On Your Work

Presenting your paper for the first time can make you jittery and may remind you of the time when you gave your first presentation as a student. However, you are a professional now and you should not be worried about facing the audience consisting of other professionals. They can give you feedback on your work and can recommend improvements which can totally transform your future.  By following the feedback, suggestions, and recommendations; you can improve your work before it is finally published. On the other hand, if you are an experienced professional and you have presented your papers in the past, then you can discuss the ideas for future projects and papers. 

Interact With Other People From The Same Industry

Apart from getting feedback and suggestions from the professionals, you also get a chance to meet and interact with people from the same field. The conferences are not just a way to present your paper, but also serve as a place to socialize. You can expand your network and find new and better jobs in the market. The network also helps you in the future whenever you are in need of good advice from an expert in a specific field. Or, you can also ask a professional to deliver a talk at your university. 

Get To Know The Latest Researches

You can either depend on Google to find researches online. Or, you can attend an IT conference and witness the latest researches on your own. You can also witness the latest findings which have not been published in a journal yet. Some researchers share their initial findings and what they are hoping to conclude by the end of their research. You cannot copy their exact work; however, their work can inspire you and give you some ideas to explore. 

Improving Interpersonal Communication and Presentation Skills

Your stage fear is tested in true sense when you are attending an IT conference or any other conference. When you are in the academic field, research plays a vital role in your career growth. However, being able to do research but being unable to deliver it can fail you in the practical life. The conferences boost your confidence, improve your interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. You can practice your skills in front of the audience and improve with the passage of time. The more conferences you attend, the more confidence you gain. Conducting a question and answer session at the end of the presentation also helps in improving your communication skills. 

Spend A Good Time

You get to spend good time when you are attending a conference. Though it is a work-related event, you can still have fun and enjoy your time. People travel to attend conferences. Which means you will be going to a different city or even a country in order to attend a conference. You can explore the new place in your leisure time, try new food, visit the landmarks and famous tourist attraction spots. 

Some conferences also host social functions such as official trips, dinners or parties. You can make new friends at the conference and spend some good time with them. 

Get A Chance To Meet Your Idols

You also get a chance to meet your heroes and idols at the conferences. When you specialize in your field, there is always someone who you truly admire. Their work inspires you enough that you want to meet them one day. The conferences give you a good chance to meet your academic heroes and have a chat with them. you can discuss your views and projects with them and ask for their advice. 

Improve Your CV

The conferences are a great addition to your CV. You can add the conferences in your CVs which you attend as a presenter. It leaves a good impression on your prospective employers and proves that you are well-invested into your field. The potential employers and other awarding bodies can analyze your CV and come to the conclusion that you are taking your academics seriously. Many academic employers are looking for active speakers and presenters.

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