Recruitment Smart Digital Assistance Chatbot

Posted by Recruitment Smart on September 17th, 2019

Recruitment Smart Digital Assistance Chatbot

There are myriad of HR tools that continue to enter the market, vouching to find the most qualified candidate in the digitization era. Chatbots are one such innovation, driven by AI and powered by neural networks to mimic the conversational capabilities of humans, without the actual human intervention. But, why the need for digital assistance chatbot. Well, to begin with, it allows for quick communication between HR and the candidate. Secondly, it offers multichannel offering depending on the strategy of engagement and thirdly it expedites the application process by parsing irrelevant data.

Recruitment Smart’s involvement in designing and developing recruiting chatbots is quite unprecedented. Missed communication is akin to a missed opportunity to hire the best candidate. Recruitment Smart’s, AI-powered chatbots, eliminate the communication gap by leveraging machine learning capabilities to conduct a conversation via auditory or textual methods.

The digital assistance chatbots inject relevancy in the hiring process making the recruiter/applicant exchange worth the while. It enhances the brand quotient and refines time utilization, resulting in fruitful candidate engagement, improved brand perception, and a platform to attract the best talent. The chatbots are as good as the data marts they base their data models on. The more data you feed the chatbots algorithms, the better they become in making accurate decisions. At Recruitment Smart we are continuously improving our chatbot capability by building templates to deliver the best in class conversational experience.

Candidates can leverage AI capabilities and enjoy a seamless job application process. The process streamlined to only one step of uploading a CV in the desired format which is readable by the AI, machine learning algorithm. AI, then parses through the CV and ascertain the candidate’s skillset and maps it with the listed jobs that match the candidates resume to the “T”. The AI then furnishes the list of recommended jobs for the candidates’ perusal. The different stages of the application are facilitated by different instances of Sniper Recruitment AI chatbot, for example, pre-screening Sniper AI chatbot, Interview scheduling chatbot during the interview process and Onboarding chatbot upon selection.

Recruitment Smart, through its AI and machine learning capabilities, propagate “intelligence” in the recruitment process. The cognitive and predictive capability of AI enables the recruiters to spend more time converting candidates into employees and enhancing customer engagement.

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