Guidelines for Creating a Popular Web Series That Entices

Posted by Himani on September 17th, 2019

Web series making is definitely a challenge as it gets extremely difficult to tell a long, continued story in bits and short intervals while keeping the audiences’ hooked on. Popular web series around the country have one thing in common – they’re all directed towards a specific audience.

Planning a web series takes time and is certainly one of the most important tasks to do while on the tread to make a popular web series. Telling a long story in short bursts and having it targeted towards a certain audience without being the butt of jokes on social media is crucial in the making of an amazing web series.

Here are some director-backed tips and guidelines to make a popular web series:

  1. Have a Captivating Story to Tell

The first and most important guideline to making a popular web series that entices the audience is to have a strong and gripping story with a climax that leaves the audiences with something to take home. The way a web series starts and ends usually makes or breaks the web series.

The story of a popular web series must be packed with engaging content, must have strong performances written for its lead character/s, and should be such to be able to break into parts.

  1. Define an Audience

Your story and content must specifically be targeted for a certain set of audience to make it more meaningful and impactful. You’ve to figure out who’s going to be your audience and what do you want to tell them, what is going to be their age group, demographics, and their tastes and preferences.

Even the language a popular web series is made in is based on the audience it is targeted at. Keeping the golden rule in mind, “not everyone on the web works on everyone, have your audience sorted and try to please them.’

  1. Hire Perfect Resources

Whether it’s the world of entertainment or corporate, the rule is the same – hire perfect people for the jobs and make it even more perfect. Casting is detrimental to the popular web series guidelines and tips and each character must have a specific outline that the chosen actor will fill into flawlessly. It’s not about hiring the popular actors or established names in the industry but choosing the right people who’d be able to do complete justice to the role is the key.

  1. Quality & Other Peripherals

You’d certainly not want to come across as a sleazy film or web series producer if your series looks tacky, clumsy, and not polished. Focusing on the sound, light, screen quality, surroundings, costumes, and the overall look of the characters in the frame decide how your popular web series is going to look on the screen.

Bad lighting and sound are extremely crucial to check since, more than often, inducive sound and lighting set the mood for the entire series.

  1. Have a Plan & Stick to it

Every person on the set of your popular web series must resonate your plan and each activity must be carried out in accordance with that. Sticking to timelines is extremely important and having a clear plan of action is what makes or breaks a popular web series. Have an actionable plan of action on papers right at the start of filming the series and must be communicated to everyone concerned with the making.

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