Here’s How to Get Your Wool Rug Properly Cleaned

Posted by eliteinternet on September 17th, 2019

The Holland Rugs showroom gets a lot of requests asking for advice on keeping rugs properly cleaned. As this company takes particular pride in their environmentally-friendly wool rug cleaning services near Calabasas, they are here to help.  

With so many products available at your local hardware store promising to remove stains and clean rugs, we feel obliged to warn consumers about these products.  Although they might possibly work, they are generally designed for flavorless, regular carpet installations - not fine rugs.  The risk is just too high to trust a cleaner in a can.  Professional cleaning is advised; the professionals have shared some tips to keep that rug looking good in between cleanings. 

Avoid products available at the local big box retail stores. You should never use smelling salts or any other solvent carpet cleaner on a wool rug as it can cause damage. We don’t generally endorse do-it-yourself rug cleaning as you can seriously damage the wool fibers beyond repair.  If the rug becomes wet, and isn’t properly dried, it may grow mold or omit foul odors.  It can also lose its shape.  Some cleaners even cause colors to bleed. 

Remember that the carpet cleaning machines for rent at your local grocery store are not designed for fine rugs.  They will not help you clean a Persian or Oriental rug.  Although they may help you clean regular carpet, designer rugs are the not same.  Fine, vintage, and antique rugs require special care. 

If a rug is stained, first apply paper towels or a clean rag to absorb excess liquid.  Do not smear or spread the stain further; instead use a dabbing method.  You can use a small amount of water to lift the stain from the rug.  Do not apply any cleaners or solvents.  Instead, book a professional to do a Persian rug cleaning Agoura Hills.  Those in Agoura Hillscan call Holland Rugs to get the job done quickly and affordably.  Generally, rugs need to be cleaned every three to five years, although some order rug cleaning as often as every six months.  Accordingly, consumers are reminded that stains are a “rug emergency” with which you need to deal promptly. 

Be sure to hire the best of the professionals for rug cleaning.  In the Los Angeles area, Holland Rugs is recommended as this company is always available to clean rugs in their Ventura showroom.

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