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The absence of Internet-based social media has made it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds

Where people create content, share it, bookmark it and network at a vast rate. All types of social media provide an opportunity to present oneself and one product to dynamic communities and individuals that may be termed, allow consumers to „post, tag, Dig, blog,‟ and etc. This content created by social media is a

reach, social media became the trendsetter in topics that range from environment, politics, and technology to type of newly generated resource for online information that is created, spread, and used by consumers desiring include Facebook, MySpace, dig, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Due to its easy way of use, speed and reach, social media marketing company in Coimbatore.  we became the trendsetter in topics that range from environment, politics, and technology to or even thousands of people around the world. Social media has exploded as a category of online discussion




Social media marketing is a new trend and a rapidly growing way in which businesses are reaching out to promote a company and its products. This kind of marketing can be thought of as a subset of online marketing

activities that complete traditional Web-based promotion strategies,  such as e-mail newsletters and online advertising By encouraging users to spread messages to personal communication and mass marketing.

With this new approach of outreach and marketing, new tools are being developed and increased in turn for businesses. Social media marketers are now going better Facebook was first launched in February 2004,  owned and operated by  Facebook,  Inc.  As of May  2012;



According to Watson et al. (2002) cited by sheath and Sharma (2005) with the popularity of digital marketing on the rise, many businesses are investigating how social media can help them promote their products and services to potential and existing customers.

 Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way some businesses think about advertising. Some businesses direct customers toward their social network pages more than they direct them to their own websites.

There are certain advantages to market via social media, but there are also related drawbacks as


The cost of a social media platform is typically lower than other marketing platforms such as face-to-face salespeople or middlemen or distributors. In addition, social media marketing allows firms to reach customers that may not be accessible due to the temporal and locational limitations of existing distribution channels.


Second, social media marketing firms can create interactions by customizing information for individual customers that allow customers to design products and services that meet their specific requirements, For example, online checking and seat assignment can be done on the Internet.


Finally, social media platforms can allow transactions between customers and firms that would typically require human contact as in the case of successful firms such as Dell and 





According to Weinberg (2009), the main advantage of social media marketing is cost-related. The financial barriers to social media marketing are quite low compared to others. The majority of social media marketing companies in Coimbatore sites are free to access, create profile and post information.


Whereas traditional marketing campaigns can cost millions of dollars, many social media tools are free even for business use. Businesses can run highly successful social media marketing campaigns on a limited budget.


The advantage of reaching your targeted market for little or no cash investment is substantial, and the audience wanting your information voluntarily joins or follows you.



Pay-per-click advertisements on sites such as Facebook are "geo-targeted" according to specific criteria, to reach the correct audience.





One of the most notable phenomena of new media is how it has increased and created new forms of social interaction. People spend more than a quarter of their time online involved in communication activities (e.g., emails, IM chat, and social networks), which is equivalent to the total time spent online for general leisure and entertainment.


Social networking sites have become so pervasive that they are the most popular Internet destinations. Not only has new media demonstrably altered how often people communicate online, but it has also enlarged the pool of individuals they communicate with, and led to nee ways for behaviors to be influenced Consumer behavior studies reveal that individuals give greater consideration to advise.






A  well-cited  example  of  viral  marketing  combines  network  targeting  market  and  implicit  advocacy:


The Hotmail  free  e-mail  service  appended  to  the  bottom  of  every  outgoing  e-mail  message  the  hyperlinked

Advertisement, “Get your free e-mail at Hotmail,” thereby targeting the social neighbors of every current user

While taking advantage of the user’s implicit advocacy (Montgomery, 2001). Traditional marketing methods do not appeal to some segments of consumers. Some  consumers apparently value the appearance of being on the cutting  edge  or  “in  the  know,”  and  therefore  derive  satisfaction  from

 Customer Service




It is another crucial area for social media marketing (Helmsley, 2000). Sometimes website designers cannot avoid a certain degree of complexity in the architecture of a website.  Therefore, it is necessary to have a thoughtful customer service system.


 Links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and links to online representatives are useful in order to assist customers in the selection or buying process.


A marketer should not just offer online assistance. In many cases, it is more convenient for customers to call a company. Therefore, the use of a toll-free phone number for customers should be considered


According to Gorman et al. (2001), Order fulfillment and rapid delivery systems are as critical to e-loyalty development as the other factors.


A  thoughtful  logistics  system  that  guarantees  a  fast  delivery  after  the

The checkout process contributes to customer satisfaction, which in turn contributes to loyal behavior.


In addition to the speed of delivery, the logistics system should allow different ways of delivering products.


Some customers prefer to get the product delivered by parcel services, like FedEx and UPS. Others might want to pick up a product in a physical store in order to have somebody to talk to.


A customer who buys something on the Internet has one major disadvantage compared to a customer in real space.




The online environment creates not only opportunities but also complications and challenges for the social media marketing process.


The transparency of the web makes online information available to all audiences,

and reinforces the need for consistency in the planning,  design, implementation, and control of online marketing communication.



As the name implies, social media is interactive and successful, two-way exchanges take commitment. The nature of marketing changes in social networks, with the focus placed on establishing long-term relationships that can turn into more sales.


Somebody has to be responsible to monitor each network, respond to comments, answer questions and post product information the customer deems valuable Businesses without a service to manage these social networks will find it difficult to compete.


The first preliminary consideration and probably the most important one is that social media marketing requires a significant time investment. As a general rule, simply dabbling in a few social media resources and hoping to realize enormous returns is fanciful.


A company  must  realize  the  necessary  time commitment and either accept or reject that commitment as plausible for its operation




According to Steinman and Hawkins, It is of the utmost importance for companies to protect their own trademarks and copyrights when using social media to promote their brands and products.


A company’s brands and other intellectual property are often nearly as valuable as the products or services that they offer.


media‟s capacity to facilitate informal and impromptu communication often on a real-time basis can aid companies in promoting their brands and disseminating copyrighted material, but it can also facilitate third-

party abuse of a business‟ trademarks and copyrights (Steinman & Hawkins, 2010).When using social media, whether via a third-party outlet or a company’s own social media platforms, marketers should regularly monitor the use of their trademarks and copyrights.

Companies should monitor their social media outlets as well as third-party social media platforms to ensure that those providing content social through the media outlets are not misusing their intellectual property.

 Internet tracking and screening services are  available  to  monitor  the  use  of  your  business “marks  and  copyrights  on  third-party  sites,  including checking  social  media  sites  for  profile  or  user  names  that  are  identical  or  substantially  similar  to  your  Social Media Marketing

As stated by Steinman and Hawkins (2010), this form of business impersonation can damage a company’s brand and reputation if left unchecked; such monitoring can also serve as a positive indicator of business success.

Companies should consider reserving, on various social media sites, user names that match or closely resemble their trade names and marks.



Using  social  media  to  promote  one’s  brand,  products,  or  services  can  also  implicate  trust, privacy, and data

 It is important for companies to aware of these issues and takes appropriate measures to minimize their exposure to liability related to personal data collection, use, and maintenance.

Trust, particularly the unique dimensions of transactional security and privacy shown that fear of online credit card fraud has been one of the major reasons customers have not done more extensive online buying. Moreover, privacy concerns have led to a public relations fiasco for some major social media marketing resulting in substantial brand image erosion (Advertising Age, 2000).

 Social media marketing company in Coimbatore companies like Facebook and Twitter generally have their own privacy policies that govern their use of consumer data and third-party conduct on the social media platform with respect to personal data.

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