What is a DDoS Attack?

Posted by freemexy on September 17th, 2019

Distributed denial-of-service attacks, known as DDoS attacks, attempt to block service. Attackers make it impossible to access any online services. They target a wide range of virtual things, including servers, devices, services, networks, applications, and even specific transactions within applications.  @qwer!#3
When it comes to a DDoS attack and a DoS attack, most of us are confused. In fact, a DDoS attack is just a large-scale DoS attack. The DoS attack uses a computer and an Internet connection to flood a targeted system or resource. The DDoS attack uses multiple computers and Internet connections to flood multiple targeted resources.
Thus, DDoS attacks use a botnet made up of an army of zombie devices. Generally, these botnets include many compromised websites, IoT devices and computers. When the attacker launches a DDoS attack, a stunning number of requests will be sent to the targeted resources. In this way, the capacity limits of the targeted resources will be exceeded by these numerous requests. And their response to requests will be much slower than normal. What’s worse, they may ignore some or all of the requests.
Today, we want to familiarize you with 3 Common types of DDoS attacks:
Volumetric Attacks: 
As the most common type of DDoS attacks, it aims to flood the network of a server with massive amounts of traffic that seems legitimate. In consequence, it will overwhelm the network’s or server’s capabilities of processing the traffic. 
Protocol Attacks:
Protocol attacks are DDoS attacks that intercept the services by taking up all the available capacity of the state tables of web application servers or intermediate resources such as firewalls and load balancing modules. Protocol attacks exploit vulnerabilities in Layer 3 and Layer 4 of the protocol stack to make the target inaccessible.
Application attacks: 
This kind of attack tries to overwhelm a particular aspect of an application or service and can be effective even if very few attacking machines are generating low traffic (which makes them difficult to detect and defuse).  
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