How to Buy and Install Video Door Bell To Improve Home Security

Posted by Spichers Security Systems LLC on September 17th, 2019

Are you interested in video doorbell installation in Frederick, MDto add a layer of security to your home? It’s important to know what factors you should consider when shopping for a system:


The resolutions of doorbell cameras these days typically fall between 480p to 1080p. Consider getting a unit with a higher resolution if you want images that are sharper and clearer. Do note that some cameras find it hard to adjust to varying light levels, even if they are marketed as being high-resolution models. Be sure to ask the retailer or installer about which models are truly capable of delivering clear videos.

Night Vision

This feature allows you to see clearly who or what is behind your door in low light conditions or in the dark, guaranteeing 24/7 security. Since a lot of crimes happen at night, it's definitely a good idea to invest in a video doorbell with night vision capabilities. 

Field of View

A wide 180° field of view is preferred because it gives you a picture of the scenario at a wider angle—you can see what’s going on right in front of the camera and at the sides. Cameras with a 90° fiend of view only see the front.

Motion Detection

Look for doorbell cameras with motion sensors in them. That way, you will be alerted whenever there's someone approaching or leaving your door. If you live in a particularly busy street, choose a doorbell camera that has advanced features that allow you to specify certain monitoring zones while ignoring other areas. This way, you can avoid getting useless motion alerts. 

Two-way communication

If you want to talk with the person in your front door without allowing him/her to enter your home, then look for a smart video doorbell with audio features. This is very useful when asking the delivery man to leave the package somewhere specific or when confirming a visitor’s identity.

Installing a video doorbell can be a complicated process especially if you want to connect it to your home security system. For your convenience, buy your camera from leading dealers that also offer video doorbell installation in Frederick, MD. They can do everything for you.  

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