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Posted by linhtrang on September 17th, 2019

There are many schools of thought when it comes to teaching children how to read. Phonics, sight words, lexical reading, and a variety of other methods may be employed. But there is heated debate as to which program best promotes literacy. Consequently, I thought that I should conduct a review on Children Learning Reading. It’s not just the topic but the actual name of a reading program. It’s an ebook compilation with extras that promises to transform children into fluent readers – quickly and without tears. Hopefully, my Children Learning Reading review will provide some tips on reading readiness and answer any questions you may have about this resource. As concerned parents, we want to prepare our children for school so they can flourish. As the hackneyed expression goes, ‘Reading is fundamental.” Once the milestone of literacy is met, youngsters can then better absorb the fascinating world around them. Knowledge accelerates and self-expression takes off.

But perhaps we’re in too much of a rush to promote literacy. Remember, the infomercial where babies mastered reading via flashcards? I’m sure a lot of parents felt a sense of bewilderment and pressure, comparing their kids with these accomplished babies. But you cannot always believe everything you see, exemplified by the fact that the Federal Trade Commission put the kibosh on that infomercial. (That company still sells its reading products online, by the way.)

Indeed, babies cannot just master reading. It’s not their fault. Simply, there are certain brain processes that have to ignite from a neurological standpoint for little babies, even with big brains, to be able to read. After all, they have to be ready, from a cognitive and developmental phase, to master the complexities of reading.

Now infants are not the primary target group in Children Learning Reading. Thank goodness! But creators of the program, Jim and Elena Yang, developed a program best suited for 2-7 year-olds. They promise quick results for this age-appropriate group but their strategies must be consistently and diligently implemented. The Children Learning Reading Program was designed and developed by Jim and Elena  to teach their own children how to read before the age of three. The program is a comprehensive system which features a step by step process that aids children to learn how to read. It utilizes phonemic and phonics concepts which targets the developmental phonemic awareness of the child to increase their reading ability.

Phonemic awareness helps children learn how to interpret and read written and printed text quickly. Notably, it’s a program for parents with children that are between the ages of 2 and 6. The fact that it’s simple, easy to follow and broken down into steps, makes it incredibly effective. Now that he knows all of his letters, we are now working on learning the connection between a letter and a sound it makes. This forms the basis for reading and spelling. I look forward to seeing my son’s progress.

Well, you get the idea. Children Learning Reading is chock full of phonics lessons, specifically tailored to meet the needs of your child and not exceed his/her attention span. But phonics review in Children Learning Reading is much more thorough and insightful than standard phonics books. You’ll receive insider information on how to best facilitate phonics awareness and knowledge.

For example, you’ll learn the difference between choppy blending and smooth blending, and why you must implement the latter. Hint: You must connect the letters in a given word so the child knows that the sounds of the corresponding letters should be naturally grouped together.

Jim and Elena Yang’s attention to phonics detail is amazing. Here is just one small tip they include in the Children Learning Reading manual: Sound out the letters in a word and then the entire word. They add, “While saying the word, make sure to swipe your finger across below the word – timing it so that the movement of your finger is synchronized with your pronunciation of the word.”

As I was reviewing Children Learning Reading, I couldn’t help but think that I was reading the “Teacher’s Edition” as it provides such complete, clear directions. It’s like following a simple map where two points are connected by one straight line. Your child will go from non-reader to reader just by following the direct instructional path blazed by the Yangs. As you and child walk on this path, you’ll soon get to your destination (i.e., decoding proficiency heaven and reading literacy.)

“But what about sight words,” you may ask. According to Jim and Elena Yang, research shows that the phonetic approach is superior to reliance on sight words. The authors write at length about why they teach ‘breaking the phonetic code’ system over the sight word alternative, citing the prevailing research. The simple answer: It just works better for the vast majority of kids.

Now, of course, even with phonics, children are introduced to exceptions to phonetic rules. Indeed, there are times where rote memory of sight words must be called upon.The main question to ask yourself is whether this program would work for you and your child. Consider your schedule as well as your child’s learning pace. If you are able to spare at least ten to fifteen minutes of your day, this program is perfect for you.

However, what makes the Children Learning Reading Program so much better than the other available options? With the numerous Learning/ Teaching Programs available online today, why should anyone choose the Children Learning Program?

The program is able to separate itself from all the other programs through one major factor: ease and efficiency. By taking the need for memorization out of the picture, your child will not only be able to understand new concepts but also remember them. This also takes out the monotonous nature that most programs seem to have, and introduce a more engaging and fun style of learning.

So, if you’re having trouble teaching your child how to read, this program was designed for you. If you have a desire to have your child start learning how to read early, this program was also designed for you. By only taking a couple of minutes out of your schedule, you’ll be able to secure a successful future for your child.

It may be hard at first, but it gets easier after a while. The child will get more interested and learn as quickly as her or his learning potential and the program allows.

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