How To Ask A Girl Out Through A Text Message:

Posted by Juanes Garza on September 17th, 2019


For some men, meeting a women, getting her number, and then asking her out by simply sending a text message comes naturally.

However, for many others, sending a text is considered rude, preferring to ask a girl out in person or over the phone instead, and for some other reasons like:

⁃      you don’t want to seem like a passive wimp

⁃      text are not reliable, she may miss it, or too busy etc

⁃      some women can’t stand being asked out via text

Whether texting is impersonal or not, for many it’s a matter of preference and convenience, allowing communication to happen asynchronously.

However, the problem with text messages especially in regards to dating is that it can turn out to be a bummer, for instance: you send a message, and she doesn’t reply then what? what does it mean? did she get it? Is she busy? Etc..

Don’t worry, we got your back, in this article you will learn everything you need to know to successfully:     

⁃      level up your flirting through text messages

⁃      finding a partner through text messages and

⁃      asking her out through a text message. 

1. Sending Texts:


As much as we’d like to do things our way, either by phone or in person, we need to face the first reality, this is 2019 not 1980, meaning its time to loosen up.

All those communication rules, that’s its rude to text, impersonal, bad manners, inappropriate etc, needs to be thrown out the window.

It’s a contradiction when women say, that they hate being asked out through text, when practically most of them sleep with their phones.

So, the first thing to do is to make ground, that texting is your normal fashion of communicating. 



Enforce Your Texts: making them playful, try to make her smile by sending her a few cute quotes, then your text will be seen as delightful and she’ll expect them.

Try to re-cap something that has happened between you, or send her a note of encouragement about something she is doing.

By this time, you will already know if texting is not a good idea, but if your text are working, then asking her out through text will be no sweat.

2. Chatting And Flirting:


You will want to keep the energy stable between you, so keep the flirting at a steady pace, and then increase the energy levels before asking her out.

Try to wait for the ideal moment before asking her out.

Hopefully, she is cool and will give you hints.

*Important: if you know she hates texting, don’t instigate, because some people have old fashion phones that’ll take them an hour to type a message and so prefer to just pick up the phone*


3. Making A Move:


Knowing when to make a move is important because, many hang around the joking and flirting period way too long.

Remember, that there is a communication threshold, which reaches a boiling point and then dies out, if you surpass the boiling point, you’ll dwindle, and then end up in “no where land” 

So, the trick is to be on your toes, and when you have reached a peak point with her, ask her out right there and then!

This will require that you do some work, like checking out her post on social media to make sure that she is in good spirits and that all is good.

This may sound stupid to do, but think about it, how easy is it to misinterpret a text?

However, if you send her a text but also notice that she hasn’t been online for a few hours, then you won’t think negative if she hasn’t responded to you.

Remember that sending text messages is great, but should always be considered a very poor means of communication.

The idea is to find the ideal time to make an undeniable attempt to ask a girl out.



She is in great spirits, she posted a cute cat on facebook with a positive status message, and during that time, she sent you a lovely good morning greeting, “ask her out” right there and then! 

Don’t ask any other questions, don’t even ask “would you like to go out”

Be as blunt as possible and say “ I want to see you”

4. Logistics:


The dynamics of your connection is impossible for me to determine.

So, in regards to determine the causes of rejection, is out of my reach.

However, 9 times out of 10 if she says no, it will be on the account that you didn’t read into the reality properly, and she likes you as a buddy etc.

This can run deeper, from sending your text at the wrong time, she is shy or needs more time etc

In the case that she said yes, then great, this means that you did everything spot on.

I highly recommend, even though all is great via text to dial her number to hear her voice, this will enhance the dynamics between you by doing something unexpected, she’ll be like “wow he called me”

When it comes down to flirting with girls, the precise words that you use has nothing to do with the outcome, but has everything to do with the emotional connection that you have with her.

We all know what it’s like to be in sync with someone, and sometimes to the extent that we feel as though we can read each others minds.

We all have the “power to sense“ to feel things, like just by hearing my phones text alert bell or my notification sound, I can tell exactly who it is, am I right?

That’s not ESP but rather an emotional connection, that’s the kind of connection that you want from the girl who you wish to ask out. 

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