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Posted by Princejeet Singh on September 18th, 2019

Marketing analytics is the domain of studying the marketing performance of an organization in an effort to improve its effectiveness and optimise its returns on investments. To use analytics for efficient management of their campaigns, many marketing professionals are undertaking marketing analytics courses. For those interested, modern day internet allows a plethora of marketing analytics courses online to choose from.

Why should marketers build marketing analytics skills?

A marketing professional should learn marketing analytics because it helps him understand how his marketing activities are performing. It provides clarity on which channels offer more returns on investment compared to others. It also lets him know the efficacy of different channels across different customer segments and product types. This helps him in devising strong marketing strategies for the short term and the long term.

Secondly, the traditional ways of marketing involved running expensive campaigns through offline modes such as television, print, outdoor media and events. These modes required a lot of money, time and people to execute and even in that case they were not measurable. Today, the combination of marketing analytics and digital modes of marketing, makes it possible to measure every marketing metric. It provides organizations with an access to customer and market data that gives them information about marketing trends, customer behaviour, preferences etc.

In short, marketing analytics utilises the data available to organizations and helps them to come up with actionable insights for their marketing plans. It makes it possible to measure the impact of marketing campaigns and improve the success rate and returns on investment (ROI).

How to fast-track marketing analytics skills?

It is possible to learn marketing analytics as part of one’s job as long as the management entrusts you with the responsibility. For those, who have no such luck, they can explore the wide range of marketing analytics course available in regular colleges or online. Several professionals prefer taking up online courses as they continue their day jobs as it provides them the necessary flexibility. A good course will teach its participants, the various tools and techniques used in this domain as well as the basic concepts that come handy while working.

For a marketer, learning marketing analytics is a way to improve his professional track record. It makes him more employable and provides him with options to push his career forward. With the right work experience, marketing analytics courses can help a professional fast-track his skills in the field.

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