Avoid Premature Coupling With Laser Shaft Alignment

Posted by Shally Warner on September 18th, 2019

Are you aware of the causes responsible for premature coupling? One of the primary reasons responsible for premature coupling is none other than shaft misalignment. You can prevent improper alignment with the help of laser alignment tools. You will see a significant loss of production when you face a breakdown of the machinery. About half of the machinery breakdown you see in the world takes place due to improper alignment. If you are thinking of standard vibration meters, then they are the ones that provide only numerical value.  On the other hand, machines used for vibration analysis use FFT based instruments for the identification of frequencies and the causes responsible for them.

Prevent escalation of damage

The significance of alignment can never be undermined in the modern world. During the regular maintenance work of machinery, alignment plays a crucial role. Machines need to be operated continuously with minimal hiccups. It is possible to align shaft with the assistance of several tools. Some of the devices in this context are calipers, dial indicators, straightedges, or laser systems. If your objective is accuracy, then you can never go wrong with laser shaft alignment. Identify poor alignment in machines with vibration analyzers.






  1. Safety perspective

In quite a few of the applications, dial indicators may prove to be effective. However, the best results can be achieved with a laser-based alignment system. Laser alignment tools do not involve measuring of bar sags, and so readings are precise in comparison to some of the dial indicators. The Laser alignment tools are equipped with a computer system that helps in the automatic calculation and recording of measured values. The maintenance staff utilizes those values for verification of correct installation and for keeping a tab on the movement of equipment. You can ensure a safe working environment for your team because you will be able to detect deviations at an early stage with vibration analyzers.


  1. Vibration monitoring

If you are involved in a business that includes intricate tools, then it is a wise decision to opt for a predictive maintenance technique. Some mechanical issues may start at a smaller magnitude, but you may not notice them at an early stage. If you fail to take note of those anomalies initially, then they may cause a breakdown at the inopportune moments. Sensor devices are used for monitoring the assets. In industries measurement tools such as vibration analysis helps in the identification, prediction, and prevention of breakdown in heavy machinery.

Making the right selection

The task of searching for the right dynamic analyzers is a challenging one. Invest adequate time so that you can wind up with the correct instrument. These machines come with a varied number of input channels. Single-channel analyzers are not capable of performing those techniques which are necessary for the detection of faults such as misalignment. You need to develop an understanding of the lines of resolution. For finding out frequencies that are in close association, you should be on the search for precision in the spectrum. You may need technical assistance when you are tackling sophisticated devices. Make sure that the company you are choosing to buy these devices should have high-quality technical support.

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