All Things About Masonic Philosophical Society In Freemasonry

Posted by jamesharley321 on September 18th, 2019

The Masonic Philosophical Society (MPS) was established in January 2009 with an aim to provide an environment of exploration by teaching Masonic principles through dynamic discussions. The institution has a primary ambition to inspire individuals to self-awareness within the framework of Masonic principles. MPS is seeking to destroy ignorance that can divide communities in Humanity's evolution. The non-profit group provides interactive educational opportunities for adults. 

How and why MPS was spawned

In a meeting in 2008, members of Utah Freemasonry, concerned citizens, and educators discussed the alarmingly increasing of intolerance within communities. After the convention, the attendees decided to institute the new group to curb ignorance. It has an objective to promote open-minded, progressive discussions through free community-based education. Such practices will help increase tolerance, cultural awareness, and understanding of different religions and beliefs.

Under Freemasonry, the largest fraternity organization, members of MPS come from different demographics. It constitutes people from all sections of society regardless of race, creed, religion, and sexual orientation. The members of the group learn through interactive discussions and open-minded debate. This helps them grow in understanding, tolerance, and wisdom.

Mission of MPS

The Masonic Philosophical Society has a mission to eliminate ignorance from society by applying the advancement of research and understanding of the sciences, arts, and humanities. Unlike a regular school, MPS follows the concepts of learning through idea sharing and debating in an open forum. The group motivates adults to broaden their thinking and behavior through education. In order to study all aspects of knowledge within a Masonic guideline. 

MPS study style

The PMS dedicates its institution to lead the followers to learn through its a nine-pointed star, or enneagram. It includes:

Natural science 
It is the study of these laws through the principles that constitute the Universe in symmetry and order. 

Behavioral science
It is a study of the evolution of society and the individual to help an individual understand himself.

Formal science
It is the study of patterns within and without by understanding the mathematical mysteries and complexities of life.

It seeks the answer to various questions about the reality, life, and death to uncover the truth which lies beyond the diversity of ideas 

The study involves the analysis of the nature of God through the thoughts, writings, and teachings of man by investigating the divinity.

It encourages the seeker to lead into inner knowledge of himself and the cosmos through deep exploration of the hidden mysteries of nature and science.

It includes the study of various manifestations of artistic expression and prompts the seeker to wonder at his outward expression of his inner being.

It stimulates to imagine, hope, and dream about written works that deliver glimpses of the past, present, and future.

It involves the analysis of triumphs and tragedies of ancestors to explore the reason behind the rise and fall of the past civilization.

In order to eliminate stupidity in human society, MPS uses Morte Ad Ignorantiam as the Society's Official Motto.

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