Why should you consider fingerprint authentication?

Posted by Noatry public on September 18th, 2019

With the news quickly spreading of the 5G era, we are already heading towards a digital age where the world will be drenched in connectivity and digitization. From the internet to communications to probable devices, innovation has replaced all of the traditional means. So like all these aspects, connectivity and digitization will also affect how the people will authenticate their identity. Many countries are implementing the national ID with biometrics where it can be authenticated online with just the biometric scan of the user where one does not have to carry any ID or password. It has dived into mainstream authentication because it can be applied for various purposes like physical, security, attendance, logical access, and timekeeping.
Fingerprinting has become superior because of its widespread usage for different purposes where it has replaced the traditional authentication. Since the fingerprinting scanners are cheap, easy and portable, it has become a popular means of authentication. There are many private organizations and also government agencies that are using fingerprint authentication and are also looking at other areas where it can be deployed. So below are the 4 reasons why fingerprint authentication is considered by many.

1. Innovative and developed  biometrics
Fingerprint biometrics has become the most sought after identification among developers, researchers and consumers. It is because the user does not have to make any conscious effort in getting the fingertips scanned since the retina and iris scanner requires one to consciously stare at the scan.

2. It does not change with age
The best part of fingerprints is that it is ageless. The dermal ridges are formed before birth and stay in after death until the skin decomposes. The dermal ridges also stay unaffected by diseases since diseases might change the texture or colour of the skin but the dermal ridges are immune to it.

3. It cannot be duplicated or lost
The cons of traditional identification mean like ID cards or passwords are that you can forget the pins or you might forget your ID cards at home. This can become a serious issue when, for instance, you have forgotten your ID card at home and are denied boarding a flight. Duplication is also an issue which poses a threat to security. So unlike other forms of identification, the biometric fingerprint cannot be lost or forgotten or duplicated or shared. This makes it all the more reason to consider fingerprints for the fingerprinting authentication.

4. It is quick
Taking out cards from bags or wallets can be very challenging since you have to do it a lot of times during a day. If you present cards for verification, it can take time and granting or denying access in any of the doubtful cases can be frustrating and time-consuming. These can be authentication nightmares if you are already late to board your flight or if you have an urgent appointment. You can save vehement time with the fingerprint authentication since all of the previous traditional hassles are eliminated.

So if you require fingerprinting services then Notarizers Notary Public Services can provide impeccable services in it. We also have RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Agent who does FBI and RCMP Fingerprinting so that all of the authentications can be done properly.

For further information on why you should consider fingerprint authentication, please contact Notarizers by email at Info@Notarizers.ca or by phone at 416-782-5926.

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